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Continuous Compliance (Per TB)



Continuous Compliance (Per TB) Entitlement

The following describes the included and additional charged components for Continuous Compliance as of May 10, 2024.
Reference: Delphix Masking Entitlement - Dec 2020, Delphix Data Compliance as of May 10, 2021


Included Components
Continuous Compliance Engines Included Unlimited instances of Delphix for masking data. Installed on premises or in the cloud.
Compliance Standard Connectors Included Included connectors are dependent upon software version. Connectors may be added, removed or modified on an ongoing basis
Compliance Standard Connectors for Files Included Included connectors for masking common file formats.
Compliance Connector Framework Included The interfaces needed to run data connectors for masking.
Compliance SDK Included Software development kit for creating new connectors for masking
Expression Library Included Library of regular expressions for discovering common types of sensitive data.
Discovery Templates Included Set of profiling elements used to identify data for specific application types or specific privacy regulations.
Masking Algorithms Included Pre-defined, common data transformation/masking algorithms.
Masking Algorithm SDK Included Software development kit for creating new masking algorithms.
Masking Algorithm Framework Included Interfaces to run masking algorithms, including self- or third-party created algorithms.
Compliance Audit Log Included Reports/logs of data masking policies and activities.
Compliance APIs Included REST API set to programmatically manage data masking operations.
Hyperscale Compliance $ Orchestrates multiple masking engines to mask large data volumes significantly faster than can be accomplished with a single engine. Includes a limited-use license for Data Control Tower to provide a User Experience for Hyperscale Compliance (see below)
Data Control Tower $ Data governance capabilities, insights and reporting, APIs, DevOps integrations, and user experience across one or more Compliance environments


Included Capabilities
Policy Creation Included Develop and modify masking policies
Discovery Included Examine metadata and data values to discover sensitive data
Masking Included Replace sensitive data values with ficticious yet realistic data
Tokenization Included Replace sensitive data with encrypted values
Redaction Included Remove sensitive data values by changing all characters to the same character


Compliance Connectors
Premium Connector for DB2 Access for iSeries $ Access to profile and mask DB2 on iSeries.
Premium Connector DB2 Access for z/OS $ Access to profile and mask DB2 on z/OS.
Select Connector for Salesforce $ Access to profile and mask Salesforce, using Delphix Continuous Compliance. Includes a Compliance Accelerator for a faster start.
Select Connector for SAP $ Access to profile and mask SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA, using Delphix Continuous Compliance. Includes a Compliance Accelerator for a faster start.
Select Connector for CockroachDB $ Access to profile and mask CockroachDB, using Delphix Continuous Compliance
MongoDB JDBC Driver $ Access to profile and mask MongoDB, using Delphix Continuous Compliance
DynamoDB JDBC Driver $ Access to profile and mask DynamoDB, using Delphix Continuous Compliance


Data Control Tower Limited Use License for Hyperscale Compliance
Basic Data Governance Included Data library, catalog, tagging, and attribute-based access control
Deploy-anywhere Architecture Included Container-based deployment
Hyperscale Compliance User Experience Included User interface and APIs for Hyperscale Compliance including dependent Continuous Compliance engines
Advanced Data Governance & Insights $ Insights/reporting, replication management, and central administration
Continuous Data $ All operations related to the support of Continuous Data
Continuous Data Self Service $ Data automation operations via the DCT User Interface and/or DCT-Toolkit
Data Compliance $ Central compliance management including Hyperscale Compliance and Sensitive Data Discovery
DevOps Integrations $ Pre-built DevOps Integrations including Terraform, Jenkins, ServiceNow and Kubernetes
Automation APIs $ RESTful APIs for automating compliant data into DevOps pipelines and self service workflows. 
Requires additional. entitlement to API SKUs


Standard Support Included Standard support provides up to 12x5 support for non-critical Delphix environments that require support during normal local business hours.
Platinum Support $ Platinum support provides 24x7x365 support for business critical Delphix environments that require immediate and around the clock support.
PlatinumPlus Support $ PlatinumPlus support includes Platinum Support Services for business critical Delphix environments that require immediate and around the clock support, and provides priority access and executive visibility across Delphix per the plan’s features.
Legacy Support $ Legacy support is add on service that extends the duration of extended support (as defined in Delphix’s Product Lifecycle Policy) for qualifying engines up to an additional twelve months past the extended support expiration date. Legacy support is only eligible for customers who have already purchased platinum or platinum plus support.


Standard/Enterprise eLearning (per year) $ Self-Service eLearning. Provides learning paths depending on job role or Delphix functionality.

Platinum support includes 6 eLearning seats

Platinum Plus support includes 12 eLearning seats

Education services (per day) $ Instructor led training onsite (travel expenses extra) or remote via Zoom. 


Implementation Services $ Pre-scoped or custom services to assist in architecting and deploying Delphix to meet customer-specific virtualization and/or masking requirements.
Advisory & Expert Services $ Advisory & Expert Services are available to assist with running and maintaining Delphix on an ad hoc basis or as structured Technical Account Management projects.
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