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Delphix Support Policies (KBA1504)



Delphix Support Services

Delphix provides three (3) enterprise support services plans for customers who have purchased Software licenses. ("Software" refers the software products made generally available by Delphix):

  • Standard Support Services (provided with Software license(s)): Standard support provides up to 12x5 support for non-critical Delphix environments that require support during normal local business hours.
  • Platinum Support Services (optional service at cost): Platinum support provides 24x7x365 support for business critical Delphix environments that require immediate and around the clock support.
  • PlatinumPlus Support Services (optional service at cost): PlatinumPlus support includes Platinum Support Services for business critical Delphix environments that require immediate and around the clock support, and provides priority access and executive visibility across Delphix per the plan’s features.

Customers are responsible for managing their Delphix installations and notifying the Delphix support services team (“Delphix Support”) when issues arise. Delphix Support will triage the issue with customer’s assistance until an adequate solution can be provided. Cooperation from customers is necessary for the provision of support services by Delphix Support. Any on-site support services requested by customers will be at additional charge. This document outlines the Delphix Support policies and practices as described below. 

Overview of Support Services Plans 

Features of Support Services Plans 

  Standard Support Services Platinum Support Services PlatinumPlus Support Services
Business Hours Availability by Customer Location

North America
Monday - Friday
6am - 6pm Pacific Time Zone
U.S. Federal and California holidays excluded

Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)
Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm (local time zone)
EMEA regional holidays excluded

Asia, Pacific Rim, Japan (APJ)
Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm (local time zone)
APJ regional holidays excluded
Yes - 24x7x365 Yes - 24x7x365
After Business Hours Availability Not Available Yes - 24x7x365 Yes - 24x7x365
Method of Access Web Web/Voicemail Web/Phone
Access to Support Portal Yes Yes Yes
Delphix Guided Software Upgrades Not Available Yes Yes
Live Call Transfer - Direct Access to Senior Technical Support Not Available Not Available Yes
Monthly Customized Service Reports Not Available Not Available Yes

Quarterly Reviews Which Include:

  • Deployment Overview
  • Improvement Plan
  • Best Practices Plan
Not Available Not Available Yes

Enhanced Technical Support Processes and Procedures Which Include:

  • Priority response
  • Streamlined interactions
Not Available Not Available Yes
Maximum number of authorized user contacts per license 2 Unlimited Unlimited


Target Initial Response Time 

  Standard Platinum PlatinumPlus
Severity 1 < 6 hours < 2 hours < 30 minutes
Severity 2 < 24 hours < 6 hours < 1 hour
Severity 3 < 72 hours < 24 hours < 4 hours
Severity 4 < 72 hours < 48 hours < 8 hours




For Standard Support Services, target initial response times carries over into the next business day. For example, a Severity 1 support call logged at 5pm Pacific Standard Time on a Friday may not receive a response until the following Monday morning.

Coverage hours for Standard Support are defined relative to a single time zone, typically the country where customer is located. 

Establishing Delphix Support Entitlements 

Once the primary contact is established, the primary contact will be sent a welcome letter outlining the Support Services plan customer has subscribed to under the applicable license agreement with Delphix. The primary support contact may modify the roster of contacts with support entitlements at any time by opening a support case. 

To file a support case, customers must have named contacts with support entitlements. Alias group accounts cannot be established. The primary support contact for the organization must provide the information below for each customer contact to activate the user's support entitlements: 

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Time Zone

Once the contacts have been given support entitlements, they will be able to open a support case. Alternatively, a username and password will also be set up for named support contacts so that they may open and track support cases directly through a web-based customer support portal. 

Opening a Support Case with Delphix 

Contacts with support entitlements may file support cases on behalf of their organizations through one of the following:

  • Delphix Support Portal:
  • Delphix Support Number:
    1-888-827-4720 Toll Free (U.S.A. and Canada)
    +1 650-681-3905 (International)
    +44 1277 420169 (UK)
    +81-503-0-910619 (Japan)

Contacts will be prompted to note the severity of the issue when initiating a support case. Delphix Support will respond as quickly as is commercially reasonable to all cases regardless of severity level, but will generally follow the response time and escalation path guidelines.

Case Severities and Escalation Path 

Severity Level Description Standard Support Initial Response Time Platinum Support Initial Response Time PlatinumPlus Support Initial Response Time Escalation Path
1 Complete loss of service (e.g., Delphix Engine is unavailable, all virtual databases (VDBs) are down) < 6 hours < 2 hours < 30 minutes Immediate escalation to development team, as necessary, VP of Engineering is notified if issue remain unresolved within 12 hours
2 Major loss of service (e.g., major performance degradation, isolated VDBs unavailable) < 24 hours < 6 hours < 1 hour Immediate escalation to development team, as necessary, VP of Engineering is notified if issue remain unresolved within 24 hours
3 Minor loss of service < 72 hours < 24 hours < 4 hours None
4 No loss of service < 72 hours < 48 hours < 8 hours None


Support Case Status Updates 

Once a support case has been initiated, Delphix will assign the case to a Delphix support engineer. A Delphix support engineer will follow-up with the customer contact via the case in accordance with the response time guidelines.

All ongoing updates will be logged in the support case; with the status field updated to reflect case ownership. The following statuses reflect case ownership resides with Delphix: 

  • New: Case has just been opened and has not been assigned to support engineer
  • Open: Delphix Support is triaging or investigating the issue
  • Pending: The case is currently awaiting action from the customer
  • On-Hold: The case is actively being worked internally with Delphix Development
  • Solved: Delphix Support has provided a solution to the customer
  • Closed: The case has entered a terminal state and cannot be reopened

Cases in a Solved state may be further updated by Delphix Support or the customer, in which case the state will automatically transition back to Open. After four (4) days, cases in Solved state will automatically be transition to the Closed state.

At all times, designated customer contacts with support entitlements will be able to review the current status and progress on each of their cases by logging into the Delphix customer support portal located at:

Delphix Software Development Lifecycle 

From time to time Delphix may release new versions of its Software. The timing and content of any Software release is at the sole discretion of Delphix. Customers under current paid term license agreements can obtain new versions by downloading the updates from the Delphix Support Portal. Delphix Software releases are designated and characterized as follows: 

  • Major Releases: are significant modifications or improvements to the Software including new functionality and bug fixes. The designation between Major releases and Minor releases is done at the sole discretion of Delphix. Major releases are designated by a change in the 1st digit of the version release number (e.g. 3.x.y.z to 4.x.y.z)
  • Minor Releases: are modifications or improvements to the Software including new features and bug fixes, as applicable. Minor releases are designated by a change in the 2nd set of digits of the version release number (e.g. 4.0.y.z -> 4.1.y.z)
  • Maintenance Releases: are modifications to the Software which may include minor feature enhancements and bug fixes. Maintenance releases are designated by a change in the 3rd set of digits in the release number. (e.g. 4.0.0.z -> 4.0.1.z)
  • Patch Releases: are full releases of the Software that contain a small number of bug fixes to the Software. Patch releases are designated by a change in the 4th set of digits in the release number (e.g. ->

Except where otherwise indicated in release notes, bug fixes incorporated in a release will automatically be included in all subsequent releases. 

At the sole discretion of Delphix, bug fixes and minor features will be back ported to the latest Minor Release in the form of a new Maintenance Release or Patch Release, and critical fixes (e.g. those involving security or data integrity issues) will be backported to the prior Minor release. 

Notification of a New Release and Upgrade Process: 

When a new Major or Minor release becomes available, Delphix will provide email notifications to customer's support contacts. The notification will include:

  • An announcement of the availability of the new version.
  • Highlights of key changes in the release.
  • Release notes outlining detailed information on specific new features added or specific bugs fixed.
  • Information on the nature of the upgrade, specifically whether Delphix expects the upgrade to be non-disruptive or require downtime for VDBs.

Customers will be responsible for:

  1. determining whether their version of the Delphix Software needs to be upgraded;
  2. downloading the new version of the Delphix Software from the Delphix Support Portal
  3. scheduling upgrades with Delphix Support. For versions of Delphix Software which do not support self-service upgrades, Delphix Support will be responsible for performing upgrades at no additional cost. 

Product Lifecycle Policies 

Please see Delphix Product Lifecycle Policies (Support and Upgrades) for our full product lifecycle policies. 

Security Response Policy 

Delphix strives to build Software that our customers can trust and use in their most sensitive and critical environments. The following Security Response Policy outlines Delphix’s commitment to resolving potential security vulnerabilities in our Software in a timely manner. 

Classes of Vulnerabilities 

Critical Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities that can be exploited by an unauthenticated attacker from the Internet. The exploitation results in the complete compromise of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of user data and/or processing resources without user interaction. Exploitation could be leveraged to propagate an Internet worm or execute arbitrary code on Delphix Software. 

Important Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities that are not rated critical, but their exploitation result in the compromise of confidentiality and/or integrity of user data and/or processing resources through user assistance or by authenticated attackers. This rating also applies to those vulnerabilities which could lead to the compromise of availability when exploitation is by a remote unauthenticated attacker from the Internet. 

Moderate-Risk Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities where the ability to exploit is mitigated to a significant degree by configuration or difficulty of exploitation, but in certain deployment scenarios could still lead to the compromise of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of user data and/or processing resources. 

Low-Risk Vulnerabilities

All other issues that have a security impact. Vulnerabilities where exploitation is believed to be extremely difficult or where successful exploitation would have minimal impact. 

Customer Notification 

Delphix will issue a Security Advisory upon discovery of a security issue, and then up to and until a resolution is found, Delphix will update the article with the pertinent information in regards to the corrective action, diagnosis etc.  The Security Advisory will also provide a reference to the relevant Knowledge Base (KB) article and/or product release notes.

Fix or Corrective Action 

Delphix will release a fix for the reported vulnerability. The fix may take one or more of these forms: 

  • A new Major Release or Minor Release of the affected Delphix Software.
  • A new Maintenance Release of the affected Delphix Software.
  • hotfix that can be installed on top of the affected Delphix Software.
  • A corrective procedure or workaround that instructs users in adjusting the Delphix
    product configuration to mitigate the vulnerability.

Delphix reserves the right to modify the Delphix Support policies so long as such modification does not result in any degradation of service. Please refer to the Delphix Support Portal for the most current Delphix Support policies.