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Troubleshooting Fault: fault.environment.configuration.sudo.configuration.error (KBA4252)




KBA# 4252

Troubleshooting "fault.environment.configuration.sudo.configuration.error" 

A fault similar to this can be reported even if no issues are seen during provisioning to the target:

fault_id       | 10
target         | UNIX_HOST-1
target_name    |
bundle_id      | fault.environment.configuration.sudo.configuration.error
params         | ["/var/opt/Delphix/Toolkit/Delphix_COMMON_4226d642_c435_2cf9_cdef_8675e4604a04_delphix_os_host/scripts/bin/dlpx_mount","delphix_os"]
title          | Sudo configuration error
description    | Unable to execute '/var/opt/Delphix/Toolkit/Delphix_COMMON_4226d642_c435_2cf9_cdef_8675e4604a04_delphix_os_host/scripts/bin/dlpx_mount' as user 'delphix_os' via sudo.
response       | The Delphix Engine may be unable to properly interact with this host.
action         | Check the configuration in the sudoers file.
severity       | WARNING
status         | ACTIVE
date_diagnosed | 2019-05-15 01:57:27.759
date_resolved  | 
comments       | 
posted_by      | UEM

The debug logs shows that we are failing the environment monitor sudo test with the following output:

[2019-05-18 09:37:23,547][DEBUG][dhm.impl.UnixHostAttributesRetrieverTask#retrieveAttributes:264][EnvironmentMonitorTask-5][] Done retrieving attributes for host
 Check all the Oracle installations : SUCCESS
 Description: For each installation: check that the oracleHome exists, check that the oracleHome directory has the proper permissions, check that the oracleHome's group matches the Oracle Central Inventory group, check that all binaries are present, check that the Oracle executable is present and has the correct permissions, check that we can execute sqlplus.
 Check homedir permissions : SUCCESS
 Description: Check that the home directory, the ~/.ssh directory, and the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file exist, that they are owned by the user invoking this check, and that they are not 'group' or 'other' writable.
 Check Linux Performance Settings : SUCCESS
 Description: Check settings for tcp_timestamps, tcp_sack, tcp_window_scaling, tcp_rmem, and tcp_wmem to optimize performance.
 Check mkdir and rmdir : SUCCESS
 Description: Check that the user can execute `mkdir` and `rmdir` in the Delphix toolkit directory and in the Delphix mountpoint.
 Check network port access : SUCCESS
 Description: Check that a connection can be established to the Delphix Engine on the specified port.
 Check for ssh connectivity : SUCCESS
 Description: Create a connection to the host then attempt to authenticate. First attempt to authenticate in password mode, if that fails attempt to authenticate using keyboard interactive mode.
 Check sshd_config for timeout configuration : SUCCESS
 Description: Check that sshd_config does not contain ClientAliveInterval or ClientAliveCountMax entries.
 The sshd_config file located at "/etc/ssh/sshd_config" is not readable. Unable to confirm that it does not contain ClientAliveInterval or ClientAliveCountMax entries.
 Check user sudo privileges : FAILURE
 Description: On sources, check that the user can execute `ps`. On targets, check that the user can execute `ps` and `mount`. For AIX also check `nfso` but do not check for `ps` on HP-UX.
 Sudo configuration error: Unable to execute '/var/opt/Delphix/Toolkit/Delphix_COMMON_4226d642_c435_2cf9_cdef_8675e4604a04_delphix_os_host/scripts/bin/dlpx_mount' as user 'delphix_os' via sudo.
 Check toolkit path : SUCCESS
 Description: Check that the toolkitPath represents a directory with the permissions necessary for Delphix to write to it.
 traceRouteInfo : {BACKDOOR_USED=no, HOPS=1 ( 0.057 ms 0.071 ms 0.062 ms, TARGET=}
 sshConnectivity : true

A fault will only be generated for this failure type if the host is a target server and a VDB has been provisioned to it.


This fault is being generated as the target's sudo rules for the mount restrict the mount_point as in this example:

Defaults:delphix_os !requiretty
delphix_os ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: \
/bin/mount * /oracle/*, \
/bin/umount * /oracle/*, \
/bin/umount /oracle/*, \
/bin/umount -lf /oracle/*, \

This is documented in Delphix Documentation (Sudo File Configuration Examples for Oracle Environments) but does not give an example of the type of error seen:

The Delphix Engine tests its ability to run the mount command using sudo on the target environment by issuing the sudo mountcommand with no arguments. Many of the examples shown in this topic do not allow that. This causes a warning during environment discovery and monitoring, but otherwise does not cause a problem. If your VDB operations succeed, it is safe to Ignore this warning.

It is safe to set this Fault to IGNORE if no issues are seen during the filesystem mount phase of a VDB provision.