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Troubleshooting Failure of Oracle vCDB and Linked CDB Snapshot Deletion in Accordance with Retention Policy (KBA 5535)




KBA# 5535

Applicable Delphix Versions

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5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,


Troubleshooting failure of vCDB and linked CDB snapshot deletion in accordance with retention policy

With certain versions of the Delphix Engine software, you may find that snapshots of vCDBs and linked CDBs are not automatically deleted according to the retention policy you have set, even after the related vPDB snapshots have been deleted. You cannot delete them manually, either, because CDBs have no timeflow view, and attempting to delete them using the Storage Capacity screen, the CLI, or the API fails with a message that "Snapshots of an Oracle multitenant container database cannot be deleted manually" and a suggestion to "Delete corresponding pluggable database snapshots instead."


If no snapshots of a given vCDB or linked CDB are being deleted:

To start the automatic deletion of vCDB and linked CDB snapshots, apply a different retention policy to those databases. This will cause the retention policy enforcement process to start.

The issue described here is fixed in version, and later versions, of the Delphix Engine software. However, after upgrading an existing Delphix Engine to a version where the issue is fixed, you may still encounter it for CDBs linked or vCDBs provisioned before the upgrade, and the same fix will apply. 

If one CDB snapshot is being retained unnecessarily after each vPDB refresh:

Prior to version of the Delphix Engine software, there is an issue that may prevent deletion of one CDB snapshot after a vPDB refresh, even when all of the snapshots from the previous vPDB timeflow have been deleted.

To resolve this issue, upgrade your Delphix Engine to version or later.