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Continuous Data (Per TB)



Continuous Data (Per TB) Entitlement

The following describes the included and additional charged components for Continuous Data (Per TB) as of March 11, 2022.
Reference: Entitlement as of December 2020Delphix Virtualization as of May 10, 2021


Included Components
Continuous Data Engines Included Unlimited instances of Delphix for delivering virtual data. Deployed on premises or in the cloud.
DevOps Data Management Included Web-based portal for administrators to manage data operations.
Standard Connectors Included Support for virtualizing data sources. Included connectors are dependent upon software version. Connectors may be added, removed or modified on an ongoing basis
Data Connector Framework Included The interfaces needed to run self- or third-party created data connectors for virtualization.
Data Connector SDK Included Software development kit to allow for creation of new data connectors for virtualization.


Included Capabilities
Data Version Control Included Maintain immutable data versions
Provision Data Included Create and deliver virtual data copies
Refresh Data Included Update virtual data copy with current data
Bookmark Data Included Create a data save point
Branch Data Included Create a duplicate virtual data copy
Share Data Included Share a virtual data copy
Rewind Data Included Revert virtual data copy to a past point in time


Storage Support
Continuous Cloud Data $ Continuous Cloud Data Engine with Object Storage


Replication Capabilities
Split-zone Deployment Replication Included Move data as part of a split-zone deployment, secure zone ingest and non-prod active use, one per source
Additional Active Replication $ Move data across locations and/or clouds. Per TB for active use
Additional Passive Replication $ Move data across locations and/or clouds. Per TB for passive use (no active VDBs)
Continuous Cloud Vault Replication $ Move data across locations and/or clouds with a Cloud Engine


Protection Capabilities
Continuous Vault $ Lock policies, retention for zero trust data management


DevOps Data APIs
Development APIs Included REST API set to programatically manage data environments and operations.
Data Self Service Included Web-based portal for end users to manage virtual data environments via UI.
Data Control Tower  $ Any management or automation APIs available in Data Control Tower


Data Connectors
Select Connector for Mongo/Linux $ Support for virtualizing MongoDB on Linux operating systems.
Select Connector for Oracle Backup/Linux $ Support for virtualizing Oracle on Linux operating systems from backup systems.
Select Connector for MYSQL/Windows $ Support for virtualizing MySQL on Windows operating systems.
Select Connector for MYSQL/Linux $ Support for virtualizing MySQL on Linux operating systems.
Select Connector for Couchbase/Linux $ Support for virtualizing Couchbase on Linux operating systems.
Select Connector for Salesforce $ Support for virtualizing Salesforce
Select Connector for SAPIQ $ Support for virtualizing SAPIQ
Select Connector for SAP $ Support for virtualizing SAP HANA
Select Connector for CockroachDB $ Support for virtualizing CockroachDB
Select Connector for Cassandra/DataStax Enterprise $ Support for virtualizing Cassandra/DataStax Enterprise
Select Connector for YugabyteDB $ Support for virtualizing YugabyteDB


Standard Support Included Standard support provides up to 12x5 support for non-critical Delphix environments that require support during normal local business hours.
Platinum Support $ Platinum support provides 24x7x365 support for business critical Delphix environments that require immediate and around the clock support.
PlatinumPlus Support $ PlatinumPlus support includes Platinum Support Services for business critical Delphix environments that require immediate and around the clock support, and provides priority access and executive visibility across Delphix per the plan’s features.
Legacy Support $ Legacy support is add on service that extends the duration of extended support (as defined in Delphix’s Product Lifecycle Policy) for qualifying engines up to an additional twelve months past the extended support expiration date. Legacy support is only eligible for customers who have already purchased platinum or platinum plus support.


Standard/Enterprise eLearning (per year) $ Self-Service eLearning. Provides learning paths based on job role or Delphix functionality.

Platinum support includes 6 eLearning seats

Platinum Plus support includes 12 eLearning seats

Education services (per day) $ Instructor led training onsite (travel expenses extra) or remote via Zoom.


Implementation Services $ Pre-scoped or custom services to assist in architecting and deploying Delphix to meet customer-specific virtualization and/or masking requirements.
Advisory & Expert Services $ Advisory & Expert Services are available to assist with running and maintaining Delphix on an ad hoc basis or as structured Technical Account Management projects.
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