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TB100 Oracle TDE-Enabled Virtual Pluggable Databases (vPDBs) May Fail After Delphix Upgrade




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Virtual pluggable databases (vPDBs) using the Oracle TDE feature may fail to enable or start following an upgrade of the Delphix Continuous Data Engine. 

Contributing Factors

The issue can only occur when an affected system was previously running the following Delphix Continuous Data Engine version:


and is subsequently upgraded to any of the following versions:


The issue can only occur when using Oracle's TDE feature with Oracle vPDBs. vPDBs are virtual pluggable databases used with an Oracle Multi-Tenant (MT) configuration.  Standard VDBs not using a MT configuration are not impacted. 


Major Release All Sub Releases



Following an upgrade of an engine with existing TDE enabled vPDBs, the TDE enabled vPDBs may fail to enable or start.

One or more errors similar may be seen:

Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 1.18.46 PM.png

The command output text above:
/work/tde/oracle_tde_keystores/sdTDE2_Untitled_8d60fff6-a10f-44d8-a670-bd3e7f236f26/exported_keys/timeflow_0e720d65-4bcd-4357-9970-c5e28dd93ce0/extracted_keys.json (No such file or directory)


The issue may be avoided via one of the following workarounds:



Please use caution to ensure that a rewind or refresh operation will not lead to the loss of desired data in the VDB. A rewind or refresh will reset a VDB to a prior or future snapshot state, potentially discarding unique data in the VDB.

  • Do not upgrade to the affected releases, if using Oracle TDE.
  • Use a "Delay the Reboot" upgrade. After the delayed-reboot upgrade is completed, you can finalize the upgrade which will reboot the Delphix Engine, if needed.
  • Unset the tdeKeyIdentifier via the CLI for each affected vPDB.
    sd-tde-test.dcol1 source 'sdTDE2' update *> unset tdeKeyIdentifier
    sd-tde-test.dcol1 source 'sdTDE2' update *> commit
        Dispatched job JOB-146
        SOURCE_UPDATE job started for "sdTDE2".
        SOURCE_UPDATE job for "sdTDE2" completed successfully.
  • An affected vPDB may be rewound or refreshed. 


This issue is fully resolved in DevOps Data Platform and later releases for Continuous Data Engines.