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Reconfiguring Storage Controllers (KBA1055)


Configuring Storage Controllers via GUI?

For optimal I/O performance, it is advisable to spread the LUNs presented to Delphix over multiple controllers. Delphix will automatically stripe across the LUNs that are presented so balancing the number of LUNs per controller will help reduce contention. The process of changing your storage configuration to use multiple SCSI controllers is relatively simple but requires bringing down the Delphix Engine.



It is important not to reassign the root disk. For any question about the disk, contact Delphix Support prior to trying this procedure.

To reconfigure storage controllers

  1. Log into the Server Setup GUI using sysadmin credentials. 

  2. Stop all VDBs using the Server Setup screen > Shutdown Delphix Engine.


    3. Access vSphere for the ESX host that the Delphix Engine is on, select the Delphix host.

    4. Make sure that the Delphix host has stopped and select Edit Settings on the Summary page:

    5. In the Virtual Machine properties, select any disk other than the root disk, and move it to a different SCSI controller. The controller is denoted by the first of the two numbers in the parenthesis. Continue doing this until you have the drives spread across the available SCSI controllers.


    6. Once the drives have been set up, select OK and restart the host. D
    Delphix should automatically discover your changes when you boot up and you can see the controllers from the Server Setup page.