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Creating and Uploading a Support Bundle to Delphix (KBA1459)


Getting Started

Bundles (also referred to as Support Logs) can be generated through the Delphix Admin application (GUI) or the command line interface (CLI).

Masking logs are included in the Support Bundle if Masking is enabled on the Delphix Engine (DE). For more information see: Collecting Support Bundle and Logs on Masking Engine.

How to Create Support Bundle using Delphix Admin GUI

  1. Log into the Delphix Admin application with delphix_admin credentials.
  2. Navigate to Help > (System if using 4.2 or older) Support Logs.
  3. To directly upload the bundle to Delphix Support select either:
    • Transfer 
    • Download
      This saves the bundle to your desktop.
  4. Enter Support Case Number.
    This will attach the Support Bundle directly to the specific support case. The notification is added to the case specified once the support bundle has reached
  5. Click OK.

How to Create Support Bundle using CLI 

  1. Use SSH to access your Delphix Engine using sysadmin.

  2. Navigate to the service Support Bundle.

  3. Choose 'Upload'.

  4. Set the 'caseNumber'.

  5. If your version of the DE includes the ability to include Analytics information in the support bundle and you are having a performance issue, set 'includeAnalyticsData=true'.

  6. Run the upload operation by submitting commit.




The support bundle cannot be downloaded to your desktop using the CLI Method.

ssh sysadmin@YOUR_DE
YOUR_DE > service support bundle
YOUR_DE service support bundle> ls
YOUR_DE service support bundle> upload
YOUR_DE service support bundle upload *> ls
    type: SupportBundleUploadParameters
    bundleType: ALL
    caseNumber: (unset)
    includeAnalyticsData: false
YOUR_DE service support bundle upload *> set caseNumber=[THE_CASE_NUMBER]
YOUR_DE service support bundle upload *> set includeAnalyticsData=true
YOUR_DE service support bundle upload *> commit
    Dispatched job JOB-1
    SUPPORT_BUNDLE_UPLOAD job started for "sysadmin".
    Generating support bundle.
    Uploading support bundle.
    SUPPORT_BUNDLE_UPLOAD job for "sysadmin" completed successfully.

Uploading the File 

The file must be uploaded to the Delphix Support website to be reviewed by support personnel if:

  • the Support Bundle log was downloaded to your desktop using the Delphix Admin application
  • dmsuite.logs.gz file was created


Currently, downloading support logs from the CLI is not supported.

We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9 or newer to perform the upload.

To upload the log file:
  1. Using your Web browser, navigate to

  2. (Optional) Enter Support Case Number, if the bundle is being created in response to a specific support case. 
    Notification is added to the case specified once the support bundle has reached
  3. Click Add Files and browse to the support bundle file.
    Alternately, you can also drag the file directly onto the Upload screen and it will automatically begin to upload.  
  4. Select the file and click Start Upload.


 including any relevant case numbers in the file name, will help diagnose the issue more quickly. 

Uploading using FTP 


Customer credentials - This account is restricted to SFTP only! ( SSH, SCP and FTP commands will fail )

  • Username: delphixpoc

  • Password: R2p&%7g(r9%k



If using this option, put the bundle name in the case so it can be retrieved easily by Support. 

To upload using FTP:
  1. Start Secure FTP sftp.
  2. Enter the password  when prompted.
  3. Change into the upload directory using the command: 'cd upload'.
  4. Send the bundle across using the command: 'put [YOURBUNDLENAME]'.
  5. Logout when the bundle upload has completed.
$ sftp's password:

Connected to

sftp> cd upload

sftp> exit

Masking Engine 

The process above is the same for the Masking Engine. For specific details for the Masking Bundle please see Collecting Support Bundle and Logs on Masking Engine.