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Delphix Reporting (formerly Mission Control) Tunable Parameters (KBA1331)




Delphix Reporting provides some custom tunable parameters that can address issues or concerns for customization and data retention, etc.


The following parameters may be altered if necessary to accommodate customer requirements.  This list is not exhaustive, but addresses the most likely parameters to alter.

To apply these modifications, the appropriate entry should be added to /opt/delphix/collector/ (this file does NOT exist by default).

Available tunable parameters

httpclient.cnxManager.maxConnections = default 200
httpclient.cnxManager.maxConnectionsPerRoute = default 2
notification.request.timeout.minutes = default 5
request.timeout.minutes = default 30 

This value should be larger than the request timeout.  The default accommodates capacity calls, which may take a long time to complete.

liveEngine.executor.threadpool.size = default 10
poll.period.capacitymetrics = default 10 (minutes)
historical.interval.days = default 30 (days)

This is the maximum number of days to retrieve historical data for in initial poll cycle; as this can affect total database storage, use caution.  For extremely large engines where initial historical collection times out, this can be tuned down (10 days, for example), to allow initial poll to complete.

historical.resolution.hours = default 1 (hour)

Many values in Delphix Reporting are gathered and overwritten on each polling interval, so some tables do not grow.  Some caution should be exercised if these values are changed, and disk space monitored. = default 10
exit.on.uncaught.exception = default true
sync.clearCache = default false

This parameter forces a clear of cached data when doing a full sync.  Full sync will occur when a configured engine is disconnected for some amount of time (credential change, loss of connectivity, Engine maintenance, etc)

Enable and confirm tunable parameter

Once the parameter is added to the file, the Delphix Collector service should be restarted. Example entry:

[root@mission-control delphix]# echo "notification.request.timeout.minutes = 10" > /opt/delphix/collector/
[root@mission-control delphix]# service delphix-collector restart
Shutting down delphix-collector
Starting delphix-collector

To confirm the tunable has been successfully altered, search for the corresponding entry in /var/log/delphix/collector.log after restart.  A successful configuration change will appear as a "Config override" DEBUG message.  Example:

2016-09-28 13:07:20,757 [main] DEBUG - Config override: notification.request.timeout.minutes = 10

If the entry is incorrectly formatted or otherwise improper (underscores used instead of ".", for example), the corresponding ERROR message will appear, and the property will be disregarded:

2016-09-28 13:05:32,318 [main] ERROR - Tunable override file sets an invalid property: NOTIFICATION_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_MINUTES