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KBA1054 Delphix Reporting (formerly known as Mission Control) Reports are Inconsistent after Delphix Engines upgraded to 5.2.3.x




Applicable Delphix Virtualization Engine Versions

Major Release

All Sub Releases


Applicable Delphix Reporting / Mission Control Versions

Major Release

All Sub Releases

1.4 1.4,,
1.3 All


Reports for a given Engine may be inconsistent; example, "Audit Log" report is updated, whereas "Engine Summary" does not show accurate data after the time of Virtualization Engine upgrade.

The reports that continue to function normally are:

  • Audit Log
  • Recent Jobs
  • Active Faults
  • Recent Alerts
  • Storage Breakdown
  • Jet Stream Bookmarks

The reports affected by this issue are:

  • Replication Status
  • Engine Summary
  • Dsource Usage
  • Snapsync Summary
  • Storage History
  • Storage Summary
  • VDB inventory
  • VDB Refresh Summary
  • VDB Usage

Additionally, any affected Engines will report the following error messages in the Delphix Reporting / Mission Control Engines configuration page:

Error: DelphixEngineException: Kerberos support is disabled. (id: exception.kerberos.kerberos.disabled, action: Contact your Delphix account representative for additional information.)


The Delphix Reporting collector can be modified to ignore the error by executing the following commands on the affected Delphix Reporting VM. Note, this will require root access to the Delphix Reporting / Mission Control VM, which is provided for all installations:

# echo "sync.ignoreErrorsForTypes = KerberosConfig" > /opt/delphix/collector/
# service delphix-collector restart

If any issues arise after applying the workaround (data collection is still suspect, or the Delphix Reporting interface doesn't function as expected), the change can be reverted by simply removing the file created, and executing service delphix-collector restart again.  Any issues encountered as a result of this workaround should also be raised to Delphix support for further investigation.


Delphix Reporting 1.5 and 2.0 ultimately corrects this behavior. Once the upgraded version is installed, no additional corrective actions should be required for data collection and reporting to function as expected.  The workaround may also be removed once the upgraded version is installed.