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How to Disable the Data Control Tower SaaS Agent (Connector) (KBA9914)




KBA# 9914

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May 25, 2023
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Connector Disconnect vs. Disable


Due to the EOL of Data Control Tower (SaaS) in May 2023, it is required to "disconnect" the Agent (Connector) from DCT SaaS if it had been left connected on the Engine, otherwise access to the Administrative interface will not be possible as this setting forces SSO enable through Delphix IdP, which is now shut down.  It is also required that the Engine disconnect be completed before Agent disable, otherwise Support intervention is required for further corrective actions to be applied and Engine access restored.

This process does not require downtime for Management service or active Datasets.

Disconnecting Engine from DCT SSO 

To disconnect the Engine and restore local user management, access the Agent interface directly via:


Login with sysadmin (or equivalent System Setup user) credentials, and click the "Disconnect Engine" hyperlink (note the screenshot below may not exactly match the Engine interface, as product naming has changed over time).


Once this is completed, SSO should be disabled on the Engine and the Connector can be disabled safely.

The method to disable the Agent service is not available through GUI or CLI, but is available via API.  

As the DCT Service will be discontinued, Engines where the DCT Connector service is still enabled will attempt to update the Connector every 12 hours, and failed Actions associated therewith may be expected after May 2023.

Disabling DCT Agent (Connector)

The following shell script may be created on any host that can communicate with the Engine(s) in question. The script will require replacement of the placeholders for the Engine name (IP address, hostname, or FQDN), and the sysadmin user password.  It also assumes placement of cookies under the user home directory; this can also be modified as desired, ensuring that all three curl commands reference the same location.

Disabling the DCT Agent (Connector) through direct API call is the only option available; the basic script offered below may be modified or otherwise automated for the infrastructure as needed, or the API calls can be executed in Postman, et cetera. 

Further customization of any scripts to perform this action will be out of scope for Delphix Support; if any assistance is needed in further automation, engage Professional Services or your Account Team.

delphix_engine=<YOUR ENGINE NAME>

echo "creating session"
curl -X POST --data @- "http://$delphix_engine/resources/json/delphix/session" \
   -c ~/cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json" <<EOF
   "type": "APISession",
   "version": {
       "type": "APIVersion",
       "major": 1,
       "minor": 4,
       "micro": 3

echo "logging in"
curl  -X POST --data @- "http://$delphix_engine/resources/json/delphix/login" \
-b ~/cookies.txt -c ~/cookies2.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json" <<EOF
"type": "LoginRequest",
"username": "$delphix_user",
"password": "$delphix_pass",
"target": "SYSTEM"

echo "disabling cloud"
curl -X POST "http://$delphix_engine/resources/json/delphix/service/cloud/disable" \
-b ~/cookies2.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json"

An example of the expected output is provided below, where successful session creation and CURL results will be echoed.  The action ID will vary based on Engine history.  If status: OK for all three OKResult lines, and an Action is created, the procedure was successful.

creating session
{"type":"OKResult","status":"OK","result":{"type":"APISession","version":{"type":"APIVersion","major":1,"minor":4,"micro":3},"locale":null,"client":null},"job":null,"action":null}logging in
{"type":"OKResult","status":"OK","result":"USER-1","job":null,"action":null}disabling cloud

The System Setup UI will also indicate a successful/completed action for the disable:



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