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Initializing a Storage Scrub Using the CLI (KBA8020)




KBA# 8020

Applicable Delphix Versions

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How to Initialize a Storage Scrub Using the CLI

After a storage error has been detected on a Delphix Engine, it may be necessary to start a scrub of the storage to try to detect any permanent corruption. If, as part of a support case, a Delphix Support Engineer asks you to start a scrub, you can do so from the CLI.

When the scrub completes, you may need to set up a call with a Delphix Engineer to clear any historical errors, if no new corruption has been detected.

To Initialize a Storage Scrub through the CLI

Complete the following procedure to initialize the scrub

  1. Connect to the CLI via ssh.
ssh sysadmin@engine-hostname
  1. Navigate to the storage scrub command and commit to start.
engine-hostname> storage
engine-hostname storage> scrub
engine-hostname storage scrub> start
engine-hostname storage scrub start *> commit
  1. Depending on the size and state of the storage, the scrub may take some time. You can leave the scrub running and come back to check the status.
engine-hostname storage scrub> ls
    type: ScrubStatus
    completed: 208KB
    errors: 0
    startTime: 2021-06-21T11:42:57.000Z
    state: ACTIVE
    total: 7.51GB

When the scrub completes, the state will be marked as COMPLETED and there will be an endTime populated