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Confirming VMware CPU and Memory Reservation from the CLI (KBA9575)




KBA# 9575

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How to Confirm VMware CPU and Memory Reservation from the CLI

As part of the prerequisites for deploying a Delphix Engine on a VMware host (see our documentation here - Deployment for VMware), it is strongly recommended that CPUs are reserved for the Delphix VM, and it is required that Memory is reserved.

However, as a VMware host may be managed by a separate team, it may be useful to check whether these reservations have been configured from within the Delphix Engine itself.

To confirm VMware CPU and Memory reservation

It is possible to confirm the reservation from the CLI.

  1. Login to the CLI using the sysadmin username and password.

ssh sysadmin@engine-hostname
  1. Navigate to system.
engine-hostname> system
  1. Get the value for cpuReservation.
engine-hostname system> get cpuReservation
engine-hostname system>
  1. Get the value for memoryReservation.
engine-hostname system> get memoryReservation
engine-hostname system>
  1. Alternatively, list all system properties (example output truncated).
engine-hostname system> ls
    type: SystemInfo
    cpuReservation: 100%
    memoryReservation: 64GB
    memorySize: 64GB
engine-hostname system>

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