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Adding a Root CA Certificate to Truststore, or Including Root CA Certificate in End Entity Certificate Replacement Chain of Trust Fails With "" (KBA10067)




KBA# 10067



When replacing an end-entity SSL certificate for HTTPS or DSP, the chain of trust must be established by providing the root and intermediate certificate authority (CA) certificates in the Engine truststore.  During this process, a failure may be encountered with the error code

Adding intermediate signing CA certificates are not expected to encounter this issue.

Attempting to install end-entity certificate and intermediate signing CA certificate will fail with exception.ssl.certificate.chain.incomplete.


Providing a well-known root CA certificate (Verisign, DigiCert, etc).

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Date Release
Apr 13, 2023,


This error is caused by a known issue only in Delphix and  

Upgrading the Engine to or higher will resolve the issue, and the CA certificate can be successfully installed.


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