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Adding a Disk with a Corrupt EFI Label Results in an Internal Error (KBA6123)




KBA# 6123

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Adding a disk to a Delphix engine will generate an internal error, similar to the one below, if the disk has a corrupt EFI label.

STORAGE_DEVICE_CONFIGURE job for "Disk2:3" failed due to an internal error during execution.

This indicates that the beginning of the disk has been overwritten with data that does not form a valid EFI label.  This can happen after running a storage test on a disk.


A newly created disk can be added in place of the one with the invalid label.  A new disk will have no label rather than a corrupt label, allowing the Delphix engine to write a label as the disk is added.

Alternatively, contact Delphix Support for assistance with replacing the corrupt label.