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Delphix Engine UI May Become Unresponsive During Storage Migration (KBA10363)




KBA# 10363



When relocating multiple terabytes of data either via block storage to object storage migration or device removal, the management interface of the Delphix Continuous Data Engine can become unresponsive for a period of time, in some cases 30 minutes or more, depending on the dataset size and workload.

The likelihood of encountering this issue increases if the storage migration/removal operation coincides with high rates of synchronous write I/O to the Delphix Engine, such as write-heavy workloads from VDBs writing to their log and data files via NFS.

I/O to and from the Delphix Engine will continue to progress in the background.


This issue can occur when a storage migration is in progress from block storage to object storage or a disk is being removed from the Delphix Engine's storage configuration.

The likelihood of encountering this issue is increased if the Delphix Engine is experiencing high rates of synchronous write I/O while the storage migration or disk removal are in progress.

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Date Release
Aug 24, 2023
Jul 24, 2023
Jun 21, 2023
May 25, 2023
Apr 13, 2023 |
Mar 13, 2023 | Mar 20, 2023 |
Feb 13, 2023
Jan 12, 2023
Releases Prior to 2023
Major Release All Sub Releases




The issue is under investigation for resolution in a future Delphix version.

The data relocation and concurrent I/O workloads will continue in the background.

In the event that the engine cannot be accessed after one hour, please contact Delphix Support.


Access to the Delphix engine via the management GUI, CLI or API will be unresponsive but access to data via NFS or iSCSI from any VDBs that were already running will continue.


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