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Delphix Engine Loses Network Configuration After Failover of Hyper-V Cluster (KBA6518)




KBA# 6518



A Delphix Engine configured within a Hyper-V Failover Cluster may lose its network configuration during cluster failover.


The network configuration stored on the Delphix engine is applied according to the MAC address of the virtual network interfaces.  During a failover of a Hyper-V cluster, it is possible for the MAC address of the virtual network adapter to change, unless it has been configured to be static within Hyper-V.  If the MAC address changes, it will no longer match the network configuration stored on the engine, requiring new configuration to be entered.

This issue is described at

A VM's MAC address has also been seen to change when switching the MAC address configuration between static and dynamic modes within Hyper-V Manager.

Applicable Delphix Versions

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To avoid the MAC address changing, set the MAC address parameter for the virtual network adapter to 'static' within Hyper-V Manager.  The MAC address setting is located under Network Adapter -> Advanced Features.

If the symptoms persist even with a static MAC address configured, please open a case with Delphix Support to review the Delphix engine's network configuration.

A resolution for this issue will be available in version



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