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Accessing the Delphix Engine Console in KVM Environment (KBA1740)




Applicable Delphix Versions

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Major Release All Sub Releases




5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,


In any hypervisor environment, diagnosing Engine availability issues may require VM console access if the Engine is not responsive to SSH login attempts.


From the KVM server, use the command virsh list to list guests and current states:

$ virsh list
Id    Name                           State
1     Delphix                        running
2     ubuntu-target                  running
3     ubuntu-guest2                  running

Using virsh list will output domains with the following states:

  • The running state refers to domains which are currently active on a CPU.
  • Domains listed as blocked or blocking are presently idle, waiting for I/O, waiting for the hypervisor or dom0.
  • The paused state lists domains which are suspended.
  • The shutdown state is for domains in the process of shutting down.
  • Domains in the shutoff state are off and not using system resources.
  • crashed domains have failed while running and are no longer running.

After locating the Delphix Engine, use the virsh console command to access.  This can be used against the guest name or ID.

$ virsh console 1
Connected to domain Delphix
Escape character is ^]
$ virsh console Delphix

To break out of the console interface, use CTRL-5 or CTRL-].

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