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Accessing the Delphix Engine Console in AWS (KBA7306)




KBA# 7306

Applicable Delphix Versions

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How to Enable and Access the Serial Console for an Engine Running in AWS EC2

This document provides steps to access the serial console for a Delphix engine running in AWS EC2 in order to troubleshoot situations where network access to the VM is not possible, such as during boot or when network initialization has failed.


The Delphix engine VM must be running on an AWS instance type that uses the Amazon Nitro (KVM-based) hypervisor.  The EC2 Serial Console facility is not available for instance types running on the older Xen-based hypervisor.  Details of the AWS instance types can be found at, including which run on the Nitro hypervisor.

Only Delphix engine versions and later support instance types using the Nitro hypervisor.

The list of instance types supported by Delphix is available at

Enabling EC2 Serial Console access

Before the serial console of an instance can be accessed, the EC2 Serial Console feature must first be enabled within your AWS account.

  1. From the EC2 Dashboard, click EC2 Serial Console under the Account Attributes section.
    Enable console - step 1.png
  2. Confirm that EC2 Serial Console access is allowed, as in the example below.  If it is not, click Manage to enable it.
    Enable console - step 2.png

    Clicking Manage on the previous page provides the option to enable console access.Enable console - step 3.png

To Access the Serial Console

To access the serial console of a Delphix engine instance, select the VM instance in the EC2 Instances page.  Next, click ActionsMonitor and troubleshootEC2 Serial Console.

Access console - step 1.png



The EC2 Serial Console supports copy and paste.


  1. Click Connect on the EC2 Serial Console page to connect to the selected instance's serial console.
    Access console - step 2.png
  2. A new page opens, showing the console for that instance.Access console - step 3.png
  3. Press Enter to display a login prompt.