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How to Handle ASE Upgrades with Delphix (KBA6823)




KBA# 6823

Applicable Delphix Versions

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5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,


How to Task

Due to the imminent end of life of ASE 15.7, many customers are upgrading to ASE 16.0. This article provides some guidance on how to handle the ASE upgrade within Delphix. This article should be relevant to handling upgrades to ASE 16.0 and beyond.

This article illustrates performing the task using the Delphix GUI where possible. There is a sibling article (KBA6825) that illustrates how to perform this task en masse using the Delphix Command Line Interface (CLI).


Upgrade your ASE instance following the upgrade instructions provided by SAP. There are typically two types of upgrades:

  1. An in place upgrade (also known as a binary overlay) is when you install a new version of ASE over an existing installation. This is probably the easiest to handle from a Delphix perspective because in most cases, you simply need to refresh the environment hosting the ASE instance and Delphix will update the version automatically. If you had to manually discover the ASE instance, you have to manually update Delphix with the new version (Configuring SAP ASE Manual Discovery).
  2. The other type of upgrade is when you install the new version of ASE in a separate directory. Then you use ASE utilities like sqlupgrade or DUMP/LOAD. Some customers even install the new version of ASE on a different host and give the new ASE instance a different name. This type of upgrade can certainly be handled by Delphix but takes a little more work as this article will illustrate.



If you rename an ASE instance, there is no simple way to tell Delphix that ASE instance "xyz.bc" is actually now named "xyz_16.bc".

If you rename an ASE instance, Delphix will consider this a brand new ASE instance. Basically, you will have to disable all dSources and VDBs, discover the new ASE instance (or manually add the ASE instance using manual discovery) and then migrate all of the dSources, staging databases and VDBs to the new ASE instance.


To Complete an ASE Upgrade within Delphix

Upgrading ASE dSources and Staging Databases

To upgrade an ASE dSource, detach/unlink it from the old source database and then attach/link it to the new source database. During this procedure, you must select an ASE staging database that is compatible with the new source. This means the staging database needs to have the same major version as the source database ( Supported Operating Systems and Database Versions for SAP ASE ).

  1. Click the three dots on the upper right corner of the dSource and choose the "Unlink dSource" option. Detailed instruction can be found in our documentation ( Detaching and Re-attaching SAP ASE dSources ).
  2. Click the three dots on the upper right corner of the dSource and choose the "Link dSource" option. Fill in the appropriate options to point the dSource at the new ASE 16 instances and save:

Upgrading ASE VDBs

  1. Disable each VDB that needs to be migrated to the new, upgraded ASE instance.
  2. The GUI only works to migrate VDBs between ASE instances of the same version.
    If you are migrating ASE VDBs between different ASE instances on the same major version of ASE, click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose "Migrate" menu option.



There is an extra check in the Delphix GUI that prevents migration of an ASE VDB from an older version of ASE to a newer version.

You can use the Delphix Command Line Interface (CLI) to perform this migration:

/* Assuming the VDB has already been disabled, point it to the new ASE instance. */

neal5381.dcenter> /sourceconfig
neal5381.dcenter sourceconfig> select Vdelphix_157 
neal5381.dcenter sourceconfig 'Vdelphix_157'> update
neal5381.dcenter sourceconfig 'Vdelphix_157' update *> ls
    type: ASESIConfig
    credentials: (unset)
    databaseName: Vdelphix_157
    linkingEnabled: true
    repository: ASE157_SRC
    user: (unset)
neal5381.dcenter sourceconfig 'Vdelphix_157' update *> set repository=ASE160_SRC
neal5381.dcenter sourceconfig 'Vdelphix_157' update *> commit
neal5381.dcenter sourceconfig 'Vdelphix_157'> /source
neal5381.dcenter source> select Vdelphix_157

/* After pointing the VDB to a new ASE 16 instanced named "ASE160_SRC", I can enable it. */

neal5381.dcenter source 'Vdelphix_157'> enable
neal5381.dcenter source 'Vdelphix_157' enable *> set type=SourceEnableParameters 
neal5381.dcenter source 'Vdelphix_157' enable *> commit
    Dispatched job JOB-609
    SOURCE_ENABLE job started for "Vdelphix_157".
    Enabling dataset "Vdelphix_157".
    Exporting storage containers from the Delphix Engine.
    Mounting datasets.
    Dataset "Vdelphix_157" enabled.
    SOURCE_ENABLE job for "Vdelphix_157" completed successfully.