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How to Change the mount Base for an existing ASE VDB (KBA9832)




KBA# 9832

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How to Change the mount Base for an existing ASE VDB

If after provisioning an ASE VDB the Mount Base needs to be changed from the default location : /<toolkit>/<Delphix_Appliance_ID>-<vdb-##> to a unique location then the following can be carried out:

  1. Login to the CLI as an admin user
  2. Disable the VDB
  3. Update the mount base
  4. Enable the VDB



This will require downtime of the VDB as it will need to be disabled for the edit to be completed.


Login to the CLI as an admin user and carry out the following:

DE > source
DE source> select <vDB>
DE source '<vDB>’>disable
DE source '<vDB>’ disable *> commit
DE source '<vDB>'> update
DE source '<vDB>' update *> set mountBase=/mnt/provision/<vDB_unique_mount_point> *** This must be unique per vDB ***
DE source '<vDB>' update *> commit
  Dispatched job JOB-1442
  SOURCE_UPDATE job started for “<vDB>".
  SOURCE_UPDATE job for "<vDB>" completed successfully.
DE source '<vDB>'> enable
DE source '<vDB>' enable *> commit

The mountBase must be unique for each VDB or staging database. The path can reside under a common parent directory (/mnt/provision for example) but you must specify a unique child directory under the parent for each VDB or staging database using this parameter.

Please ensure you check that their is nothing else mounted already on a mount base you choose.


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