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Changes to Oracle Discovery in 5.2 (KBA1637)




KBA# 1637


In the 5.2 release, Delphix has made changes to the Oracle environment discovery process in order to increase stability and diagnose-ability. The main functionality difference is that now we will discover Oracle homes found in the oratab file and ORACLE_HOME environment variable, in addition to the homes in the Oracle central inventory .xml file.

The other difference is that now instead of failing silently, users will now see blue job warnings for the components Delphix failed to discover thus making problems easier to diagnose but will not affect the underlying behavior.

For example, say we are not able to execute an Oracle RAC cluster's srvctl binary. In past versions, we would have still discovered the cluster nodes, listeners and any other installations on the host, but we would have failed to discover the scan name and databases from that installation without notifying the user.

For that same example in 5.2, we discover the same objects but we show a blue warning in the right side actions panel explaining what failed and giving actionable steps to address it (see image below). From the warning we see that we failed to execute srvctl due to insufficient permissions and from there we can fix the permissions, refresh the environment, and automatically discover all the objects successfully.



These warnings have two parts: the reason for the failure and the steps the user should take. In the most cases users should be able to fix these errors on their own because they are usually caused by Environment configuration problems. If not, they are still able to use manual discovery to add the objects or contact support.