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Upgrading EBS dSources After a Production DB Upgrade (KBA1193)





How to Upgrade EBS dSources

The Delphix Engine supports the linking and provisioning of all EBS datasets, including the database technology stack (dbTechStack), database, and application files (appsTier). Note that the Delphix Engine can also manage custom extensions and plug-ins.

The process of linking EBS data involves creating multiple dSources:

a dSource for the dbTechStack
a dSource for the Oracle database used by EBS
a dSource for the appsTier

These dSources are collectively referred to as EBS dSources. They are also the source datasets from which you can provision virtual EBS instances. 

Upgrade the Source Database

When upgrading the source Production EBS database, you will want to follow all Oracle instructions and documentation using a new ORACLE_HOME.

After the upgrade of the source systems, complete the following procedure "Upgrade the EBS dSources."

Upgrade the EBS dSources

  1. Link a new dSource for dbTechStack (as the upgrade will have a new ORACLE_HOME).
  2. Perform an Upgrade of the dSource for the Oracle database so that it uses the new ORACLE_HOME (per this Document).
  3. Take a new snapshot from the EBS appsTier and Refresh the Delphix EBS appsTier vFile