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How to Decommission a Delphix Virtualization Engine (KBA5438)




KBA# 5438

Applicable Delphix Versions

This article applies to the following versions of the Delphix Virtualization Engine:

Major Release

All Sub Releases



5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,


How to decommission a Delphix virtualization engine

There are a number of reasons a Delphix engine may need to be decommissioned, e.g., for a data center move or a change in applications using Delphix. Below is a guide on decommissioning and steps to consider.

To complete decommissioning

The steps at a high level are:

  1. Delete all the VDBs
  2. Delete all dSources
  3. Remove all the environments from Delphix
  4. Check on target and source environment/s for the Delphix toolkit and remove the toolkit directory if it is still present.
  5. Remove the Delphix OS and DB users from the environments/databases
  6. Decommission the VM OVA

Here are the steps in further detail:



Once a VDB is deleted it cannot be recovered.

  1. The VDBs will need to be removed from any self-service containers they may be in. Deleting the VDB's will remove all the NFS/Iscsi mounts on the target environments. The Delphix engine will then proceed to delete the VDB from the Delphix engine.

Deleting VDBs can be done by selecting the object in the Datasets page and selecting Delete:


  1. Delete the dSources, this will stop data ingest from the source servers and unmount any staging databases that may exist.
  2. Remove all the environments from Delphix, this is done by selecting Delete on the environments page.



On Windows environments, the Delphix connector will need to be uninstalled.


  1. When the environment is deleted from Delphix the toolkit should automatically be removed also. It is prudent to ensure this has taken place. The toolkit location can be found on the environments page before it is deleted. Should the toolkit exist then a Unix/Linux admin will be able to remove the toolkit.
  2. The OS and database users will need to be removed from the environments and databases. Before deleting an OS user please ensure it has not been used on a different Delphix engine. The removal of the Operating system and database users is not performed on the Delphix Engine. It is done on the Server level, your Linux/Unix adminitrators will be able to assist with removing the Operating system and a DBA should be able to remove the database users.

  3. Decommission the VM OVA this task will require a VMware admin to action.


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