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How to Determine the Database Runtime Size and the Dataset Storage Size (KBA7949)




KBA# 7949

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How to identify the database runtime size and its storage consumption on Delphix


The database runtime size is the size consumed by the database at the physical level. This is equivalent to the size shown under the configuration tab of the dataset in the GUI.


You can obtain this same information from the cli using the following steps:

1. Login to the cli as a delphix admin user.

2. Navigate to source.

3. Run the command list display=name,virtual,runtime.databaseSize.


runtime.databaseSize is the parameter that shows the size of the files loaded into the database at the physical level and not the size of the database after Delphix has compressed it. 

From a dSource perspective, the Manage > Datasets > Configuration tab shows the quantity of data the toolkit has sync'd to the Delphix Engine during ingestion.

During the initial provision of a VDB, the size of the VDB would be the same as that of the dSource from which it is provisioned. The size of the VDB will increase only when data has been loaded to it after the initial provision and then differs from the size of the dsource.

You can also view this by logging into the target host, initiating a sqlplus connection, and running the following command:

SQL> select db_unique_name,database_role,open_mode from v$database;

------------------------------ ---------------- --------------------
Vnewman_NFQ               PRIMARY  READ WRITE

SQL> select round(sum(bytes)/1024/1024/1024,2) as GB from v$datafile;


Dataset Storage

The dataset storage shown on the right side of the GUI when selecting a dataset is exactly the same as the storage consumption for that dataset set shown under the Resources > Storage Capacity screen.

This information can be obtained from the cli by navigating to capacity> consumer.

The data shown in the storage capacity screen corresponds to the size of the dataset after it is compressed and shows the storage utilized by the dataset on the Delphix end.

delphixengine capacity consumer> ls
Vnew_NFQ          1.56GB