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KBA1635 How to resolve: "Error: Cannot provision from snapshot taken at "TIME"


Received fault in Delphix Engine Admin App or via email, error: Cannot provision database ”XXX" from snapshot taken at "2015-03-07T04:14:12.340Z". SnapSync continued even though you cannot provision from the snapshot. If the source database ”XXX" is a standby database in Real Time Apply mode, then redo from the current online log on the primary may be needed in order to provision from the snapshot. SnapSync continued in order to make progress on the snaps.

Customer is unable to provision from this Snapshot at this time due to Snapsync waiting for Logsync to catch up. Logsync is responsible for the collection of logs generated during a Snapsync to make sure that the Snapshot is consistent. This error happens when LogSync falls behind Snapsync and doesn't catch back up before the timeout period has elapsed.


Pre 4.2:

This is a spurious error and will clear up once LogSync catches back up and can be safely ignored, user needs to wait until LogSync catches up. Customer can also take a manual Snapshot and provision from that as well.

4.2 and later:

This error is actually fixed in 4.2 and will resolve itself once LogSync has caught back up

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