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How to resolve the error "Unable to purge logs" (KBA1060)




The following warning and error has appeared in the Delphix application user interface  or through and email notification:

"Unable to purge logs. Details: The log retention policy for XXX cannot run because the newest Snapshot is older 
than the log retention period. Older logs are required in order to maintain the ability to provision from the 
requested log provision period."

image2015-4-2 16-25-2.png

This error appears when the Delphix engine retention policies attempt to clean up older transaction logs and this cannot be performed because the most current snapshot is older than logs that would be removed should the retention policy delete them. This would lead to a situation where logs required to provision from the snapshot are not available potentially preventing the provision.


Ensure that snapshots of the dataset in question are being captured successfully and that the lack of recent snapshots due to a failure to capture them is not the reason for the errors.

Adjust the log retention policy increasing the amount of time logs are held by the engine so that the logs tracked by the engine for the dataset extend back beyond the newest snapshot held by the engine. This adjusts log retention to align with the snapshot frequency requirements for the dataset and environment.

Increase the frequency of snapshots through the snapshot policy for the dataset so that new snapshots are captured more often and the latest snapshot is always newer than the oldest log retained by the engine through the log retention policy. This option adjusts the snapshot policy to suit the log retention requirements for the dataset and environment.

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