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TB082 Updating Masking Ruleset May Clear Configuration for Other Tables




Alert Type

Functional Regression, Availability 


Masking Rulesets define a collection of tables or files that are used by profiling, masking, or tokenization jobs. Within a Ruleset, filters may be defined that will filter data before loading it to the target database.  These filters can be defined by simple relations as in an SQL WHERE clause or by arbitrary SQL statements specified by the user. 

When updating a Database Ruleset to add tables, existing filters in the Ruleset are cleared without warning. This may result in improper masking results for jobs using the Ruleset.  The loss of filters may be especially onerous with custom SQL since complex or involved SQL statements may not be stored or backed up anywhere outside of the Masking Engine.  The need to redevelop and reconfigure the missing filters could result in a protracted operational disruption for any applications or workflows using the affected Ruleset.

Contributing Factors

The issue can only occur when using using one of the following affected releases:

Major Release

All Sub Releases


The issue can only occur when using the Masking Engine graphical user interface (GUI) and when adding one or more tables to an existing Database Ruleset. 

Because the issue only occurs when adding database tables, only Database Rulesets are affected. File and Mainframe Rulesets are not affected.

The issue does not occur when performing similar operations using the Application Programming Interface (API) 


Filters that existed before an affected Ruleset is modified will no longer be displayed on the Rule Sets screen 

Values of below properties in the output of "/table-metadata" would be missing:


One of the following:

  • Define all tables in a Ruleset before adding filters, and do not subsequently modify a ruleset to add more tables.
  • Manually save any filters defined in a Ruleset before adding new tables, and manually reconfigure any lost filters following the addition of one or more tables.
  • Before adding tables to an existing Ruleset, use the the feature to copy a Ruleset to make a backup of the Ruleset. Then manually reconfigure any filters from the backup copy to the configuration of the original Ruleset.


This issue is fully resolved in Delphix release

Additional Information

The issue is only caused when using the GUI; however, the impact is more than just a display artifact. The affected filters are removed from the Masking Engine configuration, potentially changing masking results.