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How to Obtain Support for Dxm-Toolkit (KBA3995)




KBA# 3995

DxToolkit for masking is a command line script to manipulate Delphix Masking Engine. The script is delivered by Delphix Technical Services team. Dxmc script is a single command with parameters and arguments delivered as executable file with libraries. Dxm is written in Python, but no knowledge of Python is required unless you want to extend it. In fact, no programming experience whatsoever is required to use the Dxtoolkit for masking.

Supported by Delphix Engine version: and later.

Where to Find Information

Dxm-Toolkit can be downloaded from GitHub:

Additional documentation is available in the Wiki:

How to Obtain Support

DxToolkit for masking falls under the scope of the Delphix Open Source Community Guidelines. Questions and issues concerning the DxToolkit are addressed via the Delphix Community Forum: