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Replication Fails With "The Replication Source and Target Have Incompatible Configurations" (KBA5381)



KBA# 5381



An initial or incremental replication job may fail with the message "The replication source and target have incompatible configurations." The only further direction provided is to contact Delphix Support.


Applicable Delphix Versions

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The message indicates network security properties are mismatched between the Source and Target Replication Engines.  A user with sysadmin privileges can log into the System Setup UI and review the Custom Authorizations settings to determine if client or server authorization is configured on one Engine and not the other, by comparing the values in the Network Security pane. Example:

In the instance where a mismatch occurs between Engines, one will have Perform (client or server) authorization for Replication enabled where the other Engine does not. 




The configuration detail discussed in this Knowledge Base Article will also cause DSP tests to fail. filed to make message user-actionable

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