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KBA1266 Adding an environment on Linux fails due to internal error


Problem Description

Attempts to add a new Linux environment fail with:

ENVIRONMENT_CREATE job for "<env name>" failed due to internal error during execution.



The aforementioned "internal error" is the only external indication of failure.

The Delphix Engine version is < 4.2.


In some minimal Linux configurations, the required libc library /lib/ may not be present, which is required for linking with Java.  


To resolve this issue:

 1. After confirming the library is not present, determine which package will provide the required library:

yum provides

 2. Use the result to install the recommended rpm e.g.

yum install glibc-2.17-55.el7.i686

 3. Verify that you can now add the desired Environment using the Add Environment Utility in the GUI or CLI.