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Rule Set Feature: List (KBA4461)



KBA# 4461

At a Glance

Versions: Applicable Delphix Masking versions: 4.x, 5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x, 5.3.x
Description: Use this feature to select a list of values (stored in a file) to use for filtering data in a table. 
Location: UI: Rule Set > Edit Table Settings > List
API: [not available]
Configuration: The following parameters are configured in this feature: 
  • Column: Column to filter.
  • File: File with filter values. 
RS Indicator: Table Indicator in the Rule Set: 'LST'.

Filter Usage

This feature is used to filter and select data to be masked from a file. The file can, for example, contain IDs that should be masked. The values should be one value per row.


  1. Create a file with values to use in the filter (values to be selected).
  2. Crete the Rule Set and define:
    • Column to filter against (the values selected should be in this column).
    • Select the file. 
  3. Save

UI Examples

In the examples below have the following names been used: 

  • Rule Set: 'Rule Set Features RS'
  • Original Tabe Name: 'Main_Table'

Rule Set page

Please note the 'LST' indicator when the table has a List defined. 

UI RS - LST.png

Edit Table Settings popup

This shows an example of creating a filter using column 'Mask' with filter values from the file 'in_list_file.txt'. 

UI - Rule Set - List.png

Missing input error

There are two different errors:

  • "Please select a column name."
  • "Please browse a file."

The missing file is shown below. 

UI - Rule Set - List Error.png

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