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Managing Modifications: Masking Engine Backup & Restore (KBA1823)


This article details managing recovery from a disaster or incorrectly modified (deleted or changed) objects on the Masking Engine. 


When objects on the masking engine are modified (changed or deleted), the modification is irreversible and some modifications may have an impact on sub-objects. All objects here are on the Masking Engine and examples of objects are Jobs, Connectors, Rule Sets, Domains, Algorithms, Profiles, Users, Roles etc. 

  • Deleting a Connector - will delete the Rule Sets related to that Connector.
  • Deleting an Environment - will delete everything in that Environment.

Another issue can be a complete system failure and a requirement to perform a disaster recovery. 


There are two recommendations and one warning. This addresses how to create a good change management procedure on the Masking Engine. 


  1. Create a copy prior to any modification.

  2. Use a regular backup cadence.


When deleting objects, only delete objects that you are sure can be deleted.  Always have a backup available in case a restore is needed.

Recommendation: Create a copy and then modify

This is a quick and easy way to make modifications on the engine.

  1. Copy the object to be modified.
  2. Edit the original.


Since objects are used and referenced by other objects on the engine. Always edit the original object - or changes will not be used as intended.

Recommendation: Use backups 

There are three different recommended backups which are detailed in order. 

  • VMware Snapshot: Complete Backup and for Disaster Recovery
    • This option uses the Snapshot tool in VMware application and is the Delphix recommended procedure for Backup and Restore. 
  • Masking Initializer: Partial Backup
    • This is an OpenSource Community tool that can be used to backup and restore key objects. Not all objects are backed up, it will NOT backup OS and engine configurations.
  • Environment Export: Environment Only Backup
    • This is available via the masking engine's User Interface and will export Environment, Jobs, Rule Sets, and Inventory settings under the selected Environment.