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Masking Toolkits (KBA6598)




KBA# 6598

At a Glance 

Description: This page contains brief information about tools available to assist with the masking solution. 
Support note: These tools are provided by Technical Services or the Delphix community and as such not supported by Delphix Support. Issues with the tools should be directed to the respective channel. 

Should there be an error on the engine related to a bug - this should be raised with support. 
DXM-Toolkit: DX-Toolkit for Masking (DXM) - Phyton based Command-Line tool:
Msk-AI-Agnt: Masking AI Agent (Msk-AI-Agnt) is a tool for load balancing masking jobs, sync jobs, environments, global objects, and the entire engine, and backup and restore engine metadata to/from the file system.
Masking Initializer Masking Initializer is a tool that can be used to back up and restore a masking engine.


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DX-Toolkit for Masking (DXM) is a Command-Line script delivered by the Delphix Professional Services team. It is used to manipulate the Delphix Masking Engine.

The script 'dxmc' is a single command with parameters and arguments delivered as an executable file with libraries. DXM is written in Python, minor knowledge of Python is required. 

Applicable Delphix Versions for DXM-Toolkit

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Major Release All Sub Releases


The link to the tool:


To get help:

dxmc [--help]


Usage: dxmc [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  dxmc is a Delphix Masking Toolkit command line interface This command can
  be used to run all applications

  If option --engine is not specified, dxm will run all actions against
  masking engines configured with default option set to Y.

  To run command on all engines configured for this toolkit use all as a

  --version  Show the version and exit.
  --help     Show this message and exit.

  algorithms   Algorithm group allow to control Algorithm
  application  Application group allow to control applications
  column       Column group allow to control inventory
  connector    Connector group allow to control environments
  domain       Domain group allow to control domains
  engine       engine is a group of command to add, delete and list Masking...
  environment  Environment group allow to control environments
  expression   Expression group allow to control Profile expressions
  fileformat   Filetype group allow to control file types
  job          Job group allow to control job
  meta         Meta group allow to control tables and files metadata
  profilejob   Profile job group allow to control Profile jobs
  profileset   Profileset group allow to control Profile Sets
  role         Role group allow to control user roles
  ruleset      Ruleset group allow to control rulesets
  sync         Sync objects between engines or export/import to files
  user         User group allow to control users
Example: version
dxmc --version
dxmc, version 0.8.2
Useful tips:

Use the command 'engine' to configure the details to your engine:

dxmc engine
Example: engine list 
dxmc engine list

Engine name  IP           username  protocol  port   default  proxy URL  proxy user
===========  ===========  ========  ========  =====  =======  =========  ==========
yourEngine  admin     http      80     Y        N/A        N/A
Example: connector list
dxmc connector list

Engine name  Environment name  Connector name  Connector type
===========  ================  ==============  ===============
yourEngine   Payroll           MSSQL_CON       MSSQL
yourEngine   Income            ORACLE_CON      ORACLE
yourEngine   Expenses          MSSQL_SAP       MSSQL
yourEngine   Expenses          MS_ADV          MSSQL
yourEngine   File              SFTP_CON        DELIMITED


Masking AI Agent is built using python 3.x. It has been created to assist with:

  • Intelligently load balancing masking job across multiple engines.
  • Sync job/environment/global objects/entire engine.
  • Backup/Restore masking engine metadata to/from the file system.

The link to the tool:

./mskaiagnt --help


Usage: mskaiagnt [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  -v, --verbose
  -d, --debug
  --help         Show this message and exit.

  version              Script Version
  add-engine           This module will add engine to pool
  list-engine          This module will remove engine from pool
  del-engine           This module will remove engine from pool
  pull-joblist         This module will pull joblist from engine
  gen-dxtools-conf     This module will generate dxtools conf file for...
  sync-job             This module will sync particular job between 2...
  sync-env             This module will sync particular env between 2...
  sync-eng             This module will sync particular env between 2...
  sync-globalobj       This module will sync global objects between 2...
  cleanup-eng          This module will cleanup engine
  run-job              This module will execute masking job on best...
  list-eng-usage       This module will find green engines
  offline-backup-eng   This module will offline backup engine
  offline-restore-eng  This module will offline restore engine from backups
Example: version 
 ./mskaiagnt version

                 AI Agent for Delphix Masking Server - 1.1.2
Script Version : 1.1.2
Example: add-engine

This adds engines to the pool. There are three engines added in this example. 

./mskaiagnt add-engine -m yourEngine_01 -t 64 -s 10
./mskaiagnt add-engine -m yourEngine_02 -t 64 -s 10
./mskaiagnt add-engine -m yourEngine_03 -t 64 -s 10
Example: list-engines

In this example, there is just one engine added - yourEngine. 

./mskaiagnt list-engine

 EngineName      Total Memory(GB)   System Memory(GB)
 yourEngine                    64                  10

Masking Initializer

Masking Initializer is a command-line tool that can be used to back up and restore a masking engine using the APIv5 endpoints. 

It allows backup/restoration of the following objects.

Masking Job-related objects
  • Applications
  • Environments
  • Connectors (Database and File)
  • Rulesets (Database and File)
  • Table metadata
  • File metadata
  • Column metadata
  • Masking jobs
  • Profiling jobs
  • Mounts
Global Objects
  • Profile Sets
  • Profile Expressions
  • Domains
  • Syncable Objects
  • File formats
  • File field metadata
  • Users
  • JDBC Drivers

The link to the tool: 


This also includes descriptions as well as examples. 



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