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Engine Registration Code is not Presented in PuTTY SSH Client (KBA7973)




KBA# 7973



Delphix Customer Support will leverage a privileged account to access the Virtualization or Masking Engines in the course of a remote troubleshooting session. This access uses a challenge-response authentication (CRA) mechanism which generates a unique one-time access code to Delphix Employees, based on unique attributes of the Engine and the Engine Registration code, generated at installation time (though it can also be regenerated as desired). If the Engine has not previously been registered, or the current Engine Registration code does not match that which was originally registered, it may be necessary to re-register the Engine, or Delphix Support may complete this on your behalf.

In the instances that CRA response is rejected or a null response is entered, the Delphix Engine is expected to return the current Registration code in the terminal session. This code is provided in case the Engine needs to be registered, ensuring the proper response code is generated.  

In some Environments, it has been observed that an Engine does not present the Registration code in response to failed logins, requiring you to login to System Setup and obtain the registration code there or engage a resource with this access. Ultimately, this can delay resolution if System Setup access is unavailable (many Environments do not permit user access to both Admin and System Setup by the DBA team).

This behavior is only observed when using PuTTY SSH client.

An example of the observed behavior is provided below, in which no Registration detail is presented after entering a null or incorrect Response:


An example of expected behavior:


Applicable Delphix Versions

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This issue may be encountered in two specific versions of PuTTY client (standalone or installable distribution). The affected versions, and their relevant bugs are provided below:

To resolve this behavior, access the Delphix Engine using another version of PuTTY client higher or lower than the affected version (higher generally recommended to receive bug fixes and security enhancements), or initiate SSH connection from another client application (downloaded or SSH from a UNIX/Linux host in the Environment).