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Device Removal Fails With Error "The pool or device configuration prevents removal" (KBA9468)




KBA# 9468



During an attempted device removal (migration) operation, the error The pool or device configuration prevents removal may be encountered.

Error: The pool or device configuration prevents removal.
Action: Select a differently configured device and try again.


The Delphix Engine has been upgraded to or later with deferred reboot option (Delay the reboot)

Applicable Delphix Versions

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This error is ultimately the byproduct of a deferred reboot upgrade, which leaves the Engine running with some device kernel modules from the previous version(s), as they cannot be dynamically reloaded. 

Delphix introduced support for removal of multiple devices in one transaction. However, this operation requires an updated kernel module, which is not loaded in a deferred-reboot upgrade. As such, the device removal logic will not be functional until a reboot, which allows the operating system to load the current modules.

No other operational issues are expected in this state, and the deferred-reboot condition is fully supported, so the reboot can be scheduled for a future maintenance window as needed.

Following an Engine reboot, the operation will complete without issue.

If the upgrade history cannot be determined, please engage Delphix Support to assist in reviewing the Engine history.





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