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Provisioning an Oracle vPDB Results in Offline Tablespaces (KBA6183)




KBA# 6183



Provisioning an Oracle vPDB from a source having one or more tablespaces where the corresponding datafiles are 2TB or a multiple thereof, results in those tablespaces being marked offline and missing the related datafiles after the provision completes. This is due to Oracle bug 30999708

The issue starts after the vPDB is recovered and unplugged from an auxiliary vCDB resulting in a corrupt unplug xml file. Later in the provision, Delphix attempts to plugin the vPDB using the resulting corrupt unplug xml file. This results in the following error in the vCDB alert.log:

ORA-65139 signalled during: create pluggable database PDBTEST as clone using '/mnt/provision/VPDBTEST-CDBTEST/datafile/delphix_group_writable/VPDBTEST.xml' nocopy tempfile reuse...

It is unclear which versions of Oracle are affected from the Oracle bug. At this point internal testing indicates that is affected, but we were unable to reproduce using Oracle18c.

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Major Release All Sub Releases




5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,




Contact Delphix support to verify the issue. Once verified, you can resize the datafile(s) in question by adding 1M on the source database. Snapshots taken after the resize should provision as expected.


Create a SR with Oracle support referencing bug 30999708 to get a patch based on your current Oracle version and patch level. You can install the resulting patch on your target vPDB host without installing on the production source host to resolve the issue. 


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