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Oracle dSource in 'UNKNOWN' State Due to db_unique_name Mismatch (KBA1172)




KBA# 1172

Applicable Delphix Versions

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5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,


How to Task

If the db_unique_name is changed on the source database, then this will cause the status of the dSource to go into "UNKNOWN" state:

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 16.57.43.png

To Resolve the Unknown State

Complete the following procedure to resolve the Unknown state issue:

  1. Prior to Delphix Release 5.2, the parameter "Database Unique Name" can be found in the UI by selecting the dSource and flipping the card.
    Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 16.59.19.png
    Starting with Delphix release 5.2 and later, the database "Unique Name" can be located in the UI by selecting the "configuration" tab after selecting the dSource.
  2. On the database on the source, check the setting by executing the following SQL statement

    SQL> select db_unique_name from v$database;

Resolving Mismatched Unique Names

If the database unique names do not match then either change the parameter on the database back to the original one so it matches the Delphix parameter, or, if the parameter needs to be changed on the Delphix side, then the dSource will need to be detached/attached by following the procedure. Ensure you have completed the prerequisites found in Detaching and Attaching a dSource.

  1. Select the dSource.

    delphix> database "dexample"
  2. Run the detachSourcecommand, specifying the currently active source. This step can be skipped if the dSource has already been detached through the GUI.

    delphix database "dexample"> detachSource
    delphix database "dexample" detachSource *> set source=dexample
    delphix database "dexample" detachSource *> commit 
  3. Run the attachSourcecommand.

    delphix database "dexample"> attachSource
  4. Set the config to point to an unlinked source.
    The following is an example to attach to an Oracle data source:

    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set
    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set source.config=example2
    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set environmentUser="environment/myuser"
    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set dbUser=orauser
    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set dbCredentials.password=orauserpwd

    The following is an example to attach to a SQL Server data source:

    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set source.config=SQLSERVER/dexample
    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set source.sharedBackupLocation=\\SERVER1\Backups
    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set pptRepository=SQL2008R2
    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set dbUser=dbuser
    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> set dbCredentials.password=dbuserpwd
  5. Commit the operation.

    delphix database "dexample" attachSource *> commit 

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