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Oracle VDB Provision or Refresh Fails After Upgrade to or Later With "Target Database Version ... is not Compatible With The Source Version" (KBA7426)




KBA# 7426



Following an upgrade to Delphix or later, a previously functional Source / Target Oracle combination now fails in VDB Provision or Refresh, with an error message indicating the source and target versions are incompatible.  An example of this event is provided below (the specific versions referenced for source and target may vary per installation, but this is expected to primarily affect Oracle 18.x and above):

"Target database version "" is not compatible with the source version "".


  • The Delphix Engine has been upgraded to or later.
  • The Source and Target Oracle versions are 18.0 or higher.
  • The Source Oracle installation version is at a higher patch release than the Target.

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Major Release All Sub Releases


As part of a code change implemented in and later, improvements were made to the version parsing logic which previously used the banner from v$version, which would always return xx.0.0.0 regardless of the patch version for Oracle versions 18 and above.  Ex:

SQL> select banner from v$version;

Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production

The updated version retrieval in and later instead queries version_full from v$instance which provides the discrete patch level. Ex:

SQL> SELECT version_full VERSION FROM v$instance;


As a result of this improvement to version parsing, the intended version restrictions for source/target compatibility became more stringent as we are now able to determine a more specific installation version for versions at or above 18.0. 

Ultimately, the restriction in Provision or Refresh is working as designed, as the current product design requires the source and target to be the same RDBMS and OS version. This is mentioned in the Delphix Product Documentation:

So, although previous Engine versions allowed provisioning between source and target on different minor versions for Oracle installations at version 18 and above, this was ultimately not the intended behavior, so the more nuanced version retrieval is introducing more stringent restrictions. 



Provision or refresh to a Target Environment with patch release higher than the Source should generally be permitted ( source to target, for example).

There is an RFE currently under evaluation by Delphix Product Management to further relax these restrictions between versions which may be technically compatible despite the source or target running a different Oracle version.  Please contact Delphix Support or your Account Team if your organization would like to be added to this request.


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