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Delphix Windows Connector Version History, and How To Determine Connector Version (KBA4376)



KBA# 4376

Windows Connector Revision History

This document provides supplemental detail for the Connector version history and corresponding Delphix versions in which the Connector was included. 



The Delphix Connector and Engine are generally backwards-compatible. Only the Delphix Connector version 1.18.0 and beyond are not compatible with the Delphix Engine version between DE (inclusive) and DE (exclusive). For these versions a workaround is available via a new Customer Support case. It is not required to update the Connector when an Engine is upgraded, though introduction of new features on the Delphix platform may require a Connector update.

This information is intended to provide details for customers who wish to maintain consistency across Windows Environments, or as a proactive step to address Connector functional issues (abnormal termination, etc).


The current Connector version can always be downloaded from the Delphix Engine at these convenient locations:

Delphix Engine versions before

http://<name of your Delphix Engine>/connector/DelphixConnectorInstaller.msi 

Delphix Engine onwards:

http://<name of your Delphix Engine>/connector/DelphixConnectorInstaller.exe 
Delphix Dynamic Data Platform Version Windows Connector Version JRE Version 1.21.0 OpenJDK 8u302-b08 - 1.20.0 OpenJDK 8u282-b08 1.18.0 OpenJDK 8u262-b10 - 1.17.0 OpenJDK 8u242 1.16.0 1.8.0_202 1.15.0 1.8.0_202 1.14.0 1.8.0_202 1.13.0 1.8.0_202 1.12.0 1.8.0_202 1.10.0 1.8.0_162 1.9.0 1.8.0_131 ( 1.5.0 1.8.0_112 1.4.0 1.8.0_40
4.3 1.3.0 1.8.0_40 (
4.2 1.2.0 1.7.0_71 (

File Checksum / Hashes 

The following table provides the MD5 and SHA256 file hash for recent Delphix versions, in the instance that a security policy requires exception for software installation.

Connector Version MD5 Hash SHA256 Hash
1.20.0 127af1d95372f84feb373ab4f7b280b2 b7c7aaceb2b04aebfbd0ba2521dd15520159d54877b0543567b892ee2584c7ce
1.18.0 a3ac768989a6c1dae41adf9452548236 71525c31edcf321d2c0220f4edf8932e249e2cd14b261054af1859574dc9e5eb
1.17.0 6a4b7f0a5d180438ff199b2b464506cd 971b88456574e8e11906b5e6850ea46f012490dcb789a5af73f37d71158ffebf
1.16.0 41f9d255ceaaac9d47e799456548d50b df34f016f874fe90ecf62aaf60da669893430cef5e92416c134c8a6b0a0730b3

How Do I Find the Current Installed Connector Version?

There are several methods available to determine the version of a program currently installed.

Windows Add / Remove Programs

The Windows control panel Add / Remove Programs applet can be used to determine the installed version of a given program, by locating the program in question and checking the Version column, as illustrated below.


Registry via PowerShell script

For automation or other scripted solutions to check current version, a PowerShell script can be leveraged to interrogate the Windows Registry and quickly output the current version of the Connector, as illustrated below.

PS C:\> .\getConnectorVersion.ps1
DelphixConnector: Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{5FA36D43-10B7-4CA4-ADA0-9781E5BF70C8}\DisplayVersion:  1.12.0

The getConnectorVersion.ps1 PowerShell script is hyperlinked.

PowerShell Get-CimInstance cmdlet (not recommended)

In case the PowerShell script referenced above cannot be utilized, the Get-CimInstance PowerShell cmdlet can be leveraged.  This option will typically take longer to return a result, and will be dependent on server activity and size of the host, number of programs installed, etc.  This is not disruptive, but the response time may not be desirable.

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-CimInstance -Class Win32_Product |
  Where-Object Name -eq "DelphixConnector"
Name             Caption                                               Vendor                                               Version                                              IdentifyingNumber        
----             -------                                               ------                                               -------                                              -----------------        
DelphixConnector DelphixConnector                                      Delphix                                              1.12.0                                               {5FA36D43-10B7-4CA4-ADA0-9781E5BF70C8}     

Optionally, the cmdlet can also be limited to only display the Version column, and even strip headers by appending the format table option.

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-CimInstance -Class Win32_Product |
  Where-Object Name -eq "DelphixConnector"| select Version | ft -HideTableHeaders​


How do I Find the Connector Version in a Downloaded MSI?

At the time of this document publication, the Connector Version is not included in the downloaded MSI filename, so it can be difficult to determine the MSI version when multiple downloads exist, such as on a centralized file share.

In these instances, the MSI file must be interrogated to extract the ProductVersion field.  A PowerShell script (hyperlinked) derived from can be leveraged to accomplish this. Example output below.

PS C:\Users\Administrator\downloads> C:\getMsiVersion.ps1 -Path C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\DelphixConnectorInstaller.msi -Property ProductVersion

Others have used this as a starting point to create a PowerShell function, but this is certainly optional depending on the needs to be addressed.

How do I Find the Connector Version in a Downloaded .EXE installer?

At this time, there is no method available to interrogate the installer to determine the Connector version. The version can be determined post-install using the methods discussed previously in this document.  At the time of this document publish, any .EXE installer can be assumed to be 1.18.0 as this is the only released Connector available in Delphix Engine versions

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