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Delphix Windows Connector Version History, and How To Determine Connector Version (KBA4376)




KBA# 4376


Windows Connector Version Information

This document provides supplemental detail for our documentation's Windows Connector Matrix page.



The Delphix Connector and Engine are generally backwards-compatible.

Delphix Connector releases from version 1.18.0 (shipped with onwards are incompatible with Continuous Data Engine versions,,, and Attempts to perform an Environment Refresh if an incompatible Delphix Connector is installed will result in the error "Skipping SQL Server instance discovery as sqlcmd failed to execute...".

This can be resolved by upgrading the Continuous Data Engine to a newer version. If this is not possible, please contact Delphix Support to discuss other workarounds.


The current Connector version can always be downloaded from the  Continuous Data Engine at these convenient locations:

Continuous Data Engine versions before

http://<engine hostname>/connector/DelphixConnectorInstaller.msi 

 Continuous Data Engine onwards:

http://<engine hostname>/connector/DelphixConnectorInstaller.exe 

Release History and File Hashes

A history of Delphix Connector releases is available in our Product Documentation, as part of the document Windows Connector Matrix.

The matrix in our product documentation includes:

  • The Continuous Data Engine release that each Delphix Connector version shipped with
  • The Java Runtime (JRE) of each version
  • The MD5 and SHA256 file hash of each installer, in case security policy exceptions need to be created for these installers

How Do I Find the Current Installed Connector Version?

There are several methods available to determine the version of a program currently installed.

Windows Add / Remove Programs

The Windows control panel Add / Remove Programs applet can be used to determine the installed version of a given program, by locating the program in question and checking the Version column, as illustrated below.


Registry via PowerShell script

For automation or other scripted solutions to check current version, a PowerShell script can be leveraged to interrogate the Windows Registry and quickly output the current version of the Connector, as illustrated below.

PS C:\> .\getConnectorVersion.ps1
DelphixConnector: Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{5FA36D43-10B7-4CA4-ADA0-9781E5BF70C8}\DisplayVersion:  1.12.0

The getConnectorVersion.ps1 PowerShell script is hyperlinked.

PowerShell Get-CimInstance cmdlet (not recommended)
NOTE: Installations from DelphixConnectorInstaller.exe will not return results from the Get-CimInstance cmdlet.

In case the PowerShell script referenced above cannot be utilized, the Get-CimInstance PowerShell cmdlet can be leveraged.  This option will typically take longer to return a result, and will be dependent on server activity and size of the host, number of programs installed, etc.  This is not disruptive, but the response time may not be desirable.

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-CimInstance -Class Win32_Product |
  Where-Object Name -eq "DelphixConnector"
Name             Caption                                               Vendor                                               Version                                              IdentifyingNumber        
----             -------                                               ------                                               -------                                              -----------------        
DelphixConnector DelphixConnector                                      Delphix                                              1.12.0                                               {5FA36D43-10B7-4CA4-ADA0-9781E5BF70C8}     

Optionally, the cmdlet can also be limited to only display the Version column, and even strip headers by appending the format table option.

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-CimInstance -Class Win32_Product |
  Where-Object Name -eq "DelphixConnector"| select Version | ft -HideTableHeaders​


How do I Find the Connector Version in a Downloaded .EXE installer?

Since Continuous Data Engine, the "Product Version" and "File Version" Properties of a downloaded .EXE installer should reflect the Continuous Data Engine version from which it was downloaded.

For earlier versions, the file hashes in the Windows Connector Matrix may be helpful.

How do I Find the Connector Version in a Downloaded MSI (<=

Internal properties of the Delphix Connector MSI installer, used in Continuous Data Engine and earlier, can be interrogated to extract the ProductVersion field.  A PowerShell script (hyperlinked) derived from can be leveraged to accomplish this. Example output below.

PS C:\Users\Administrator\downloads> C:\getMsiVersion.ps1 -Path C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\DelphixConnectorInstaller.msi -Property ProductVersion

The file hashes in the Windows Connector Matrix may also be helpful.

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