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Adding a Read-Scale Availability Group database to Delphix (KBA7150)




KBA# 7150



  • A Read-Scale Availability Group (Read-Scale AG) does not have or need a cluster context, therefore the environment must be added as standalone.
  • However, the Delphix engine does not discover AG databases configured in the Read-Scale AG if the environment has been added as standalone. 


  • A Read-Scale Availability Group database.
  • General pre-requisites about adding a Windows source environment and linking a dSource.
  • CLI (SSH) access to create the database configuration.
  • If validate sync is used, backups must be taken on the same node as the source environment in the Delphix engine.

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Major Release All Sub Releases




5.0,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,


4.2,,,,,,, ,,



Once the environment has been added as standalone, you need to create the database configuration manually via the CLI.
There are three fields required:

  1. databaseName
  2. environmentUser
  3. repository

The TAB key can be used to auto-complete the fields:

ssh admin@delphix

delphix > sourceconfig create
delphix sourceconfig create *> set databaseName=McLaren
delphix sourceconfig create *> set\username
delphix sourceconfig create *> set
delphix sourceconfig create *> ls
    type: MSSqlSIConfig (*)
    databaseName: McLaren (*)
    environmentUser:\username (*)
    linkingEnabled: true
    mirroringState: (unset)
    recoveryModel: (unset)
    repository: (*)
delphix sourceconfig create *> commit
  • After creating the configuration, it is possible to navigate to Manage / Environments, select the source environment and then, on the Databases tab, click Add dSource next to the database name.
  • From there, the workflow to add the dSource is the same.
  • Check that the type is set to MSSqlSIConfig before committing.



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