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Troubleshooting VDB Connectivity - Delphix DB and OS Password Changed (KBA1316)



Troubleshooting VDB Connectivity

Validating the Delphix Database Account (i.e. "delphix_db") Password 

  • Delphix uses the delphix_db database user account for connecting to a VDB over a JDBC connection. In the event that a database user password is locked/changed, Delphix throws a fault notification and subsequent VDB Snapshot would throw following error.





The virtual database (VDB) is likely still up, running, and accessible by Applications connecting to that database using any other database credentials, but for some reason the credentials for the delphix_db database account are no longer working.

To verify whether the delphix_db password has been changed:
  • Open the detailed VDB database card and select the DB User option and enter the known password and click “Verify Credentials”.
    If the password has been changed then an error would result, similar to that shown below...

VDB_Password.png PasswordCredentials.png

  • If the delphix_db password was changed recently, enter the new password and verify first that it is connecting successfully.

  • (Once its working) consider refreshing the Target Environment to update Delphix repository with new password as shown below:


Validating the Delphix OS Account (i.e. "delphix_os") Password 

  • Delphix uses delphix_os user account for connecting to a target database server, using SSH for UNIX/Linux servers, using Powershell for Windows servers.
    To verify if the password to the delphix_os account has changed,  select Manage > Environments from the menu on the Delphix GUI, and select the target environment from the list of environments (in left-hand navigation bar) on that screen.

  • Choose the Environment Details panel for the selected target environment, and then enter the delphix_os password as shown.


  • Delphix would throw an error if the password is changed. Enter the new password and retry the operation to ensure Delphix is able to connect successfully.



Refresh the Target environment if the password is changed to update the Delphix data repository.

Recommendation for SSH Access on UNIX/Linux Servers

  • If it is likely that the password for the delphix_os account will be changed frequently, perhaps due to a corporate password-change policy, then another alternative to consider is to use “Public Key Authentication" (PKA), as it is more secure and removes any dependency on passwords being changed/locked.