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Email ID Cannot be Modified to Use a Hash Symbol in the Delphix UI (KBA1469)



Troubleshooting Hash Symbol in Delphix UI


During initial engine setup the Delphix Engine Admin user's email address can be set to include a hash character (#) as may be used in email group names.

Note that the UI does not accept ( as a valid email address.


The CLI allows you to alter an email address on an address that includes a hash (#) in its name.

Log into the CLI from a ssh enabled application like terminal (Mac) or Putty (Windows) as the delphix_admin user or some other user with administrative privileges in the engine.

ssh delphix_admin@YOUR_ENGINE

Enter the user administration section of the CLI and select the username of the user you wish to edit the email address of and set the email address to the desired name including the hash (#) character.

delphix> user

delphix user> select testemail

delphix user 'testemail' update *> set

delphix user 'testemail' update *> commit