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Changing an Environment User (KBA1625)





Changing an Evironment User using the CLI

1. ssh into your engine using Admin privileges

ssh delphix_admin@delphix

2. Go to Environment and find the Environment you would like to update 

delphix > environment
delphix environment > ls
delphix environment > select test_env

3. Select Environment updating and Update

delphix environment "test_env" > update
delphix environment "test_env" update *> ls

4. Set primaryUser to new user you would like to use for the Environment

delphix environment "test_env update" *> set primaryUser=<new user>

5. Commit the change

delphix environment "test_env" update *> commit


ssh delphix_admin@delphix
delphix > environment
delphix environment > ls







delphix environment > select Demo
delphix environment "Demo" > update
delphix environment "Demo" update *> ls

    type: UnixHostEnvironment

    name: Demo


    primaryUser: delphix
delphix environment "Demo" update *> set primaryUser=<new user>
delphix environment "Demo" update *> commit

Changing an Environment User using the GUI

  1. Log into the Delphix Admin application using Delphix Admin credentials.
  2. Select Manage > Environments.
  3. In the Environments panel, click on the name of an environment to open the environment information screen.
  4. Under Basic Information, click the green Plus icon to add a user.
  5. Enter the Username and Password for the OS user in that environment.
    If you want to Use Public Key Encryption, complete the following procedure:

    1. Select Public Key for the Login Type, and then click View Public Key.
    2. Copy the public key that is displayed, and append it to the end of your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. If this file does not exist, you will need to create it. 
    3. You can also add public key authentication to an environment user's profile by using the command line interface, as explained in the topic CLI Cookbook: Setting Up SSH Key Authentication for UNIX Environment Users

      Note:  If  ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, ~/.ssh or ~ (the user's home directory) are writable by other users other than the Delphix Enviroment User, sshd will not allow public key authentication.  The following are examples of permissions which conform to sshd's allowable permission convention:  

           Run chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys         - assign read/write privileges for your user.

           Run   chmod  700 ~/.ssh                                                           - assign read/write/execute privileges for your user.

           Run chmod 755 ~                                                               - assign home directory writable only by your user.

      The public key needs to be added only once per user and per environment.

  6. Click the Check icon to save your new user.
  7. Click the Pencil icon next to Environment Users to change the primary user for this environment.
  8. Click the Trash Can icon next to a username to delete that user.