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Object Sync and revisionHash (KBA10886)





At a Glance

Description This page provides information about Engine Sync and how to determine if objects are the same on different engines. 
API The easiest way to see the revisionHash (aka Revision Hash) is to use the following endpoint:
  • API: GET /syncable-objects

It is also available in:

  • API: POST /export
Algorithms Algorithms and sync are frequently discussed, in summary:
  • Every algorithm, when created, will have a unique key.
  • To get the same masked result on a different engine, the algorithm needs to be synced. 
revisionHash The revisionHash shows if objects on different engines are in sync:
  • Same revisionHash value means that the object is the same.
  • Note: The revisionHash is updated as soon as an object is saved (even if nothing was modified).
    • This means that objects with different revisionHash values can still be the same.
    • To be safe it is best to Sync and, when viewing the result, click Cancel (instead of Save).
Versions The Sync operation is constantly being enhanced, some key notes and changes include:
  • Forward Sync operation (syncing from newer to older) is not supported.
  • Version - All Algorithms have individual keys (before this version the Global Key was used).
  • Version - Sync operations can run concurrently (this is to support Data Control Tower (DCT)).
More Info For information about investigating errors and the logs:

More information about Keys and Masking Sync:


This article describes how to determine when objects on different engines are in sync and describes how revisionHash works.

Accessing revisionHash

To access the revisionHash use the following API:

API: GET /syncable-objects

  1. Specify 'object_type'
  2. Execute
      "objectIdentifier": {
        "algorithmName": "dlpx-core:CM Digits"
      "objectType": "USER_ALGORITHM",
      "revisionHash": "4e6fd7351692cea0d90a4afd72acca2715dfe127"


The revisionHash is calculated based on all details in the object and referenced objects (including when it was modified).

Therefore, saving an algorithm will change the revisionHash on all jobs that use this algorithm.

Applicable Delphix Versions

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