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Object Naming Requirements (KBA5096)




KBA# 5096


Applicable Delphix Versions

This article applies to the following versions of the Delphix Engine:

Major Release

Sub Releases



With version, new Naming Requirements have been enforced for all configurable objects.  These naming requirements are designed to eliminate issues associated with syncing and storing configurable objects with special characters and leading/trailing white spaces in the names of configurable objects.

A “Configurable Object”  is any Masking Engine object whose name might be manually created/changed.

As a result of the new naming requirement enforcement, some existing configurable objects might fail an export, sync, or upgrade operation from a pre-6.0 release to a 6.0 or later release. As restrictions on naming include only special characters and heading/trailing white spaces, which may be problematic for object names, failures are anticipated to be rare, but they are possible.  

This article details the new error messages, their occurrences, and mitigation to correct the errors.

Upgrade to pre-6.0 ME release version

Currently, the upgrade process includes verifying a customer-generated support bundle by the Delphix Support Engineering.

A few new checks have been added to the verification process, in order to find any issues in object naming that may be encountered when upgrading to release 6.0.  

Delphix Support Engineers will communicate potential upgrade issues to the customer and assist in resolving them.

sync / environment import / API scripts applied to 6.0+ ME version

If configuration information is created on a pre-6.0 version and is imported or sync’d to a 6.0+ ME, the following operations will fail if objects do not meet the Naming Requirements.

  • Sync

  • Environment Import

  • API script

  • Upgrade
    Note that an upgrade to 6.0+ version will fail for all naming requirements violations (but the heading/trailing spaces will be fixed automatically during an upgrade) at pre-upgrade version.

The logged error message would be similar to:

Field  'file_formats' Value ‘fileFormat&1' contains invalid character '&'.


  1. Fix the problematic Configurable Object names in a pre-6.0 version in one of 2 ways. 
    See fixing problematic configurable object names below for details.

    • If the original pre-6.0 ME is available, return to it, and fix the problematic Configurable Objects names.

    • If original pre-6.0 ME is not available anymore, but the Environment Export or Sync Bundle are saved -- launch a new pre-6.0 ME (of the same version as the Export or Sync Bundle or above of your original ME), apply the bundle, and fix the problematic Configurable Objects names.

  2. After you have the pre-6.0 ME with fixed Configurable Objects names, either:

    • Create an Environment Export / Sync Bundle to apply to the 6.0.x Target ME, 

    • Upgrade to 6.0.x

Fixing problematic configurable object names

Some Configurable objects are editable directly by the customer, but others are not.  The Masking Engine Configurable Objects list below details whether a customer can rename the Configurable Object name or if it requires Customer Support assistance.

If the Configurable object names are editable, please use the UI or APIs to rename the objects.

For those objects which are not editable (see table below) and need to be fixed, there are two options:

  • Remove and re-create the problematically named object

  • Contact customer support 


Configurable Objects 

Editable (by customer)











file format




profiling group


record type




rule set 


scheduled job


search expression








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