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Masking job fails due to running out of Mapping values (KBA10282)




KBA# 10282



When a mapping algorithm is used, the masking job must have sufficient unique values. For example, if there are 1000 unique rows to be masked, there must be 1000 or more mapping values. Any less will generate an error message. The error message is different depending on the version of the masking engine in use.

A masking job might fail with one of the following errors when there are insufficient mapping values: onwards

INFO  c.d.d.m.t.RunServiceImpl - [JOB_ID_1_10] 2022/05/17 12:33:11 - Delphix Algorithm.0 - TheMappingAlgorithm: Masked values: 20, Total initial mappings: 1, Total mappings created: 0
INFO  c.d.d.m.t.RunServiceImpl - [JOB_ID_1_10] 2022/05/17 12:33:11 - Delphix Algorithm.0 - ERROR (version, build 1 from 2017-05-16 17.18.02 by buildguy) : TheMappingAlgorithm: Failed to mask 80 values because the supply of unmapped values has been exhausted. Exactly 4 new mapping values are required to mask this data set.

Between and

[JOB_ID_1_10] WARNING-UNMASKED-DATA: TheMappingAlgorithm failed to mask data at null (1+ occurrences)

Previous to

[JOB_ID_1_10] 2023/07/30 16:33:27 - Abort.0 - ERROR (version, build 1 from 2017-05-16 17.18.02 by buildguy) : ---------------Insufficient mapping values, please add more mapping values.[MAPPING_ID:10]

Applicable Delphix Versions

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Date Release
Jul 24, 2023
Jun 21, 2023
May 25, 2023
Apr 13, 2023 |
Mar 13, 2023 | Mar 20, 2023 |
Feb 13, 2023
Jan 12, 2023
Releases Prior to 2023
Major Release All Sub Releases






More mapping values will need to be added to the Mapping algorithm

In versions after, the error message will state the name of the algorithm. In the above example the algorithm is called 'TheMappingAlgorithm'.

If you need assistance in older versions, please open a support case, and a support engineer can assist.

Follow the steps here add more mappings: Importmappings.

Adding more mappings will append them to the mapping list rather than replacing the list

This action will add mappings to the mapping algorithm. Mappings can be provided in 2 different formats - PLAINTEXT or CSV.


Errors can be seen in the Info log. Search for the job ID and execution Id and look for ERROR. Example:

grep JOB_ID_1_10 info.log | grep ERROR

or and

grep "null (1+ occurrences)"

In the user interface, you can view these errors on the Admin > Logs tab.

Alternatively, the error message can be seen in the support bundle logs.