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Delphix Extensibility Support (KBA5571)




KBA# 5571

Delphix’s products are designed to be extensible, to provide additional functionality beyond what is shipped by Delphix Engineering. This extensibility can be leveraged by customers directly, via third-party partners or via engagement with Delphix services. There are specific policies in place to cover each form of extensibility. 

Delphix products are supported when extensions are used. Delphix supports our products and the frameworks responsible for the extensions. If it is discovered that a fault exists within the extension, Delphix will direct the case to the relevant support party (e.g. a partner who may have written the extension).

Algorithm SDK

The Delphix Masking Engine ships with commonly used algorithms for masking data. When a customer needs to mask in a way that is not supported by the baseline product, a custom algorithm can be built leveraging the Algorithm SDK.

  • SDK-based algorithms may be created by customers, Delphix Technical Services or partners.

  • Delphix does not support the SDK-based algorithms but does support the product and the SDK framework. If it is determined that an issue is present in the algorithm itself, Delphix Support will direct customers to the relevant support partner, if one exists.

  • The Delphix SDK cannot make guarantees about the security of sensitive data processed by these algorithms or the security of masked elements - this responsibility lies with the algorithm author.

Extensible Masking Connectors

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4.1,,,,,,, Masking ConnectorsExtensible Masking ConnectorsExtensible Masking ConnectorsResolution

Delphix ships with connectors for commonly used data sources (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc). When a customer needs to mask a data source that is not covered by what exists in the product, an extensible connector may be used. Extensible connectors can be configured by the customer, a Delphix Partner or Delphix Professional Services by providing a JDBC driver (specifically, type 4) for that data source. 

  • The underlying API and framework that Extensible Connectors use will be supported by Delphix.

  • Delphix Masking’s Extensible Connector framework is designed for use with standard  JDBC drivers, but compatibility can not be guaranteed. Detailed information about extensible connectors and technical compatibility can be found in the release documentation.

  • Data source specific issues that arise while attempting to mask using an Extensible Connector are not supported by Delphix. 

  • Delphix cannot provide guidance on the performance of third-party JDBC drivers.

Virtualization SDK Plugins

Delphix offers several plugins (Oracle, EBS, Db2, etc.), but understands that there is a need for additional virtual sources. Delphix has an SDK for creating new Virtualization Plugins to cover new sources or variants of existing sources. The Virtualization SDK is used to build new Delphix plugins as well as to build custom plugins for customers.

  • The custom plugins may be contracted from Delphix services, partners or created by customers themselves.

  • Plugins that are contracted from Delphix services include an additional support fee and have a separate support team.

  • Plugins that are contracted from a third party will be supported by the third party.

  • Plugins that are customer-created are customer-supported. 

Delphix open sources many of our plugins. These cover both Delphix-supported and community-supported plugins. The support policy for each is clarified in each open source repository. These can be used by customers or partners, either as-is or as the basis for future plugins. Questions/comments for community-supported plugins can be handled via the Delphix community or GitHub.

Note, for questions on the utilization of the Virtualization SDK itself, please leverage the Delphix community.

The Delphix Masking Engine ships with commonly used algorithms for masking data. When a customer needs to mask in a way that is not supported by the baseline product, a custom algorithm can be commissioned from the Delphix Technical Services team. Note this process is now deprecated and will be removed from the product in a future release.

  • Custom algorithms are developed by the Delphix Technical Services team and installed on behalf of the customer.

  • Custom algorithms are designed to work with a specific version of the Masking Engine. Validation for future versions can be coordinated by engaging a new or extended contract with the Delphix Technical Services team.

  • Customer-written custom algorithms are not supported by Delphix.

  • Support for custom algorithms is generally a customer responsibility.  At the time a custom algorithm is delivered to a customer by Delphix Technical Services, the custom algorithm will be handed over to the customer or a designated third party for on-going maintenance and support.  If the customer wishes the Delphix Technical Services team to provide such maintenance, this must be coordinated with the Delphix Technical Services team under an engagement/project.




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