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TB003 Dropping Support of NDMP



Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) is a protocol that traditionally has been used for backup and disaster recovery (DR) on network-attached storage (NAS). The Delphix Engine 3.2 release will be the last Delphix release supporting NDMP.  Customers may continue to use the NDMP backup feature with full support on Delphix Engine 3.2.

Although the NDMP backup feature of Delphix has only rarely been utilized by customers, NDMP was an integral part of the Delphix Engine's replication capability. Beginning with the release, the replication feature's NDMP component has been replaced with a high performance network protocol, offering significant improvements in robustness, performance, and functionality. 

As a pure backup solution, NDMP has largely been supplanted by the Delphix replication feature or options for backup at the VMware level.   For customers who are still dependent on NDMP backups, Delphix Professional Services has service offerings that can assist. As part of an engagement, Delphix Professional Services can review best practices for backup and DR in your environment and help formulate a migration strategy. Please contact your Account Manager or Solutions Architect for more details on these offerings.  Additional technical resources are available in the end-user Delphix Documentation at


  • Delphix will provide critical fixes for NDMP for up to one year following the Delphix release, through 14 July 2014. 
  • Delphix Support will continue to provide technical support for NDMP on all releases up through Delphix 3.2. 
  • Documentation of NDMP is available for prior Delphix releases
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