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Manage init.ora Parameters for Virtual Database (VDB) (KBA1503)


NOTE: This article has been archived as the contents is also contained within Oracle init.ora parameters and Delphix virtual databases (VDBs) (KBA1300)


1. Adjust a running virtual database's (VDB's) init.ora parameters just as you would with any Oracle database

  • ssh to that target server as the oracle user
  • set your environment
  • PATH... etc
  • sqlplus / as sysdba
  • alter system set <parameter> scope=<spfile|memory|both>
  • exit

Note: You may have to restart the instance to pick up the new setting if the scope was spfile and parameter could not be altered dynamically due to Oracles restrictions on the specific parameters modification.

2.Update the VDB config template to ensure this parameter change persists across provisions or refreshes

  1. log into the Delphix Engine GUI 
  2. Go to Manage > VDB Config Templates
  3. Select the template you would like to update and click to edit it.
  4. Once done editing hit the check mark and then Save

For more information on templates see: Customizing Oracle VDB Configuration Settings